September 25, 2010

soooo many changes.....

Greetings to you my friend!! It is been quite awhile since I have written....but life is happening for all of us. I have thought of deleting my blog quite a few times...but being unable to do this...I just wait until I feel there is something that I need to say.

I wanted my blog not only to have pictures of my daily life, and thoughts and snippets of this and that...but I wanted to be transparent and authentic....ME!

I may not have alot to say at any given time...but I know that this is a place of encouragement for certain! If we need a place of encouragement, and a time for it it is here and now!

With the Autumn season in place....although you wouldn't know it it was 105 today..urghhh...changes are indeed happening.

I get rejuvenated at this time of year....the colors are so rich...the scent of cinnamon, vanilla and pumpkin spice are often heady...the air takes on a crispness to it...I long to throw a cozy cardigan going out to run errands...and to bring out the Autumn decor and fluff the nest for the changing season.

I have done just that....fluffed the nest!! I brought in from the garage my bin that has my Harvest decor in it, and had such a delightful time nesting, fluffing, and re-creating in my home! I did a little bit each day...and just love so comforting to come home and see the dining room table with the leaves, pine cones and such on it!

As I have mentioned to you that changes have taken place....there is less of fact 54 lbs gone as of today!! It is the start of an amazing journey for certain...and I will continue on with it!!

There is a door that God has opened for us...and that is the door to the Native Americans. My husband and I recently were invited to minister at one of the Indian Reservations' in our area. What an amazing time we had!! The Native community welcomed us heartily....and we are so grateful to be able to minister to them! Both my husband and I have ancestry in the Native community. It is just awesome to see God move and how He opens doors that no man can open and shuts doors that no man can shut!! He makes a way!!! We have been invited to a Youth Rally in October at another Reservation and I was invited to go with a friend to a Woman's gathering held and yet another Reservation!!! God is sooooo faithful!!!
I do plan on posting pictures this week of the Fall Harvest Decor in my home and how it is changing with the seasons...but until then...blessings to you and your hearth and may your hand be blessed in all you do!!!


melissa said...

It's SO good to hear from you! And you sound wonderful...and there's less of you! I'm envious...that's something I need to apply myself to as well.

You take care, and pop in here more often, will you? :)

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Hi Mindy ... So glad to meet you via blog land.

I'm so glad you enjoy visiting our blog and so glad you decided to leave a comment ..It's always nice to hear from everyone.

Our jewelry will be headed to Glitterfest this weekend ..of course it can be purchased there ..and if you don't make that ..I can send you some pictures and prices of any I may have left. After that we will be offering them at our next show in November in Redlands ..then after that in December in Fallbrook as you mentioned. By all means e-mail me if you can't make these shows and I will get you out some picts and prices.

Looking forward to the temps dropping ..too and Congrats on the weight loss that's awesome !!!

have a Beautiful remainder of the week ..

Blessings ..Sara

Anonymous said...

I linked to you from Manuela's blog because my oldest daughter is named Mindy. I've always loved that name and here you are, another Mindy :)

We used to live in Southern California many years ago with a few years in the Bay Area and then on to Oregon. We lived in Yucaipa and hubby had a long, long commute.

It's been fun reading about you. You certainly have many accomplishments and so much to proud of!

Stop by if you have time! Hugs, Marla

Anonymous said...

I had one heck of a time following your blog and the new feature wouldn't let me add my photo. I don't know if the problem is in blogger or if it's me. Grrrrr...but anyway, I really do have a face, I just could add it.