August 03, 2010

Summer's past....

All of us have triggers that remind us of loved ones who have gone to be with the Lord. I have many fond memories of Mother's mother. She was born in Oklahoma before Oklahoma was Indian Territory! We were told countless stories...the adventures they had when they were children!

In the summer my younger sister and I would stay with my grandparents for a few weeks! We slept out on the "service porch" was screened in and had a big fluffy bed with a cozy chenille bedspread. Mema always had fresh flowers in every room of the house...whether anyone was in it or not! She would ask me to go pick violets to put in a tiny vase next to the side of the bed where I would be sleeping...ahhh those sweet smelling violets as you layed your head down to sleep.

I would drift off to sleep hearing the coyotes in the distance and the sounds of thunder at times.

My grandparents rose about 4am every morning...Papa would go out to the gardens and orchard to harvest the veggies and fruits for that day!! Plums, apricots, grapes, corn, cucumbers, was amazing the green thumb the two of them had. I would hear Mema singing in the 'summer house" which was located just across the walkway from where we slept. she would sing "In the Garden", "Amazing Grace" (which her name was Grace!) and other traditional gospel songs....she was getting her canning started for the day....always "puttin up" something! Her jams and jellies were amazing!!

The clouds would build over the mountains in the afternoons, then we would have a good thunder shower...I would sit in the summer house as the rain fell on the roof making such a distinct sound...eating a cucumber and tomato sandwich with fresh harvested veggies and bread made that morning!! These are such beautiful memories and while I long for that time once in awhile...I know that walking in that simplicity of living....has been deeply ingrained in me since I was a child. For this I am oh so thankful. For the times we are living in a more uncertain everyday. We must know the God who loves us in a way we never been loved before. We must trust and lean on the Great I AM as never before. Many may say negative things and worry about doomsday predictions....while I know what the Word of God says.... I keep praying and believing and standing in the gap for those who have yet to make Jesus their Lord and Savior!

I am being purposeful in this season I find myself in...putting my home in order....clearing out the files... deleting old things, purging the unwanted I have stored up...thinking they were a part of me and such a treasure...only to find out...its baggage that I have toted around for many years. As you have guessed...this isn't just in the natural, but also in every facet of my life...physical, emotional, spiritual too!!! Shedding of pounds is a great liberty...and in spite of having to face and continue to walk through some challenges these past few months, I trust God with it all for HE is the one who led me to this place, and I am so grateful!!!

I look at Summer's Past...with a smile on my face...a wonderful time in my life as a child....and fast forward to today..this moment....being led down a path of greater simplicity in my life, enjoying my husband, children and grand-children, in awe of God everyday for my life in so full and I can truly say I am a blessed woman!

I plan some upcoming posts about the Autumn favorite!! Recipes, Ideas to get your home cozied up for the upcoming season!! Blessings to you and your hearth dear friends...till I see you again!! xo


melissa said...

I love reading your posts...always a treat. :)

And you sound like life is good just now. Wonderful!

Terri said...

What a beautiful tribute To your grandmother! I could just picture what it was like. Thank you for visiting my blog. I will be back! :-)

Manuela@TPOH said...

I enjoyed your post and your upcoming posts sound good! I love fall it's really my favorite season!