October 06, 2010

a typical day...

My day often starts about 530 a.m. We meet 5 days a week at our church to pray for our nation! This is so important to me as I see how the "change" that has and is taking is frightening...but this is only my opinion..and as a Christian...I will uphold the principles of God's word ...."pray all those in authority over us; so we can live a peaceable life" (paraphrased by me)

After a few hours there...I venture home to take care of the matters of the homestead...which is usually: laundry, sweeping, mopping, dusting...managing the finances, keeping the porches tidied up...and of course nesting and creating is in there too!!!

As I type this on my laptop..I am looking out to our backyard...its alive with trees, flowers and various wildlife! I have some hot coffee with a splash of sugar free French Vanilla creamer and a sprinkle or tow of Pumpkin Spice on top..quite yummy I must say. Have some candles lit in the house and it smells wonderful! The house is clean and tidied from yesterdays' "Weekly Home Blessing" and quite thankful I have a few moments to post today!

We have had some light drizzle in my neck of the woods, for the past few days, which has made for some lovely Autumn-like temperatures. The wind is blowing some as I hear it rustling in the trees and the wind chimes are playing their music as the wind shifts and turns them. The blue jays and hummingbirds are quite busy today as are the squirrels I see from time to time. Its a time before the rest of the Winter season..when all of nature lays down and rests and sleeps. But until then...the Autumn is here with the vibrant colors and textures...the smells of soups, stews and candle loveliness. The glow of the lamps burning in the homes as we take evening walks about the neighborhood. The smell of the first fire in the fire place to keep out the chill as the sun sets.

While life is not picture perfect neither reads like a novel....we can enjoy the simple pleasures of routines in our typical days. What are a few things and ideas you can implement in your home to bring peace, order and beauty to it?

Simplify our lives....lump errands together; as your doing dishes, light a candle and say a pray of thanks that we have a home to bless and dishes to do!

Gather some leaves, acorns, pine cones, mosses and rocks put together in a basket or a pretty bowl and enjoy the colors of the season!

Get your crockpot out and make up a batch of hearty Beef Stew or Chicken and Dumplins'! nothing says Fall like yummy smells coming from the kitchen.

In the laundry room how about some great containers and baskets in which to house the detergent, softeners..etc...some old enamelware stock pots with lids are great for powdered detergent. Make it a place YOU want to be in....put your personal signature on your home....a place of peace, rest, order and beauty as you celebrate the Autumn season everyday!! Blessings to you and your hearth....


Anonymous said...

You are so right about simplifying our lives. Where I live now is not far from "town" but far enough away that we say we are going "into town" so it really is necessary to lump errands. Every day I am thankful for where I live and all the blessings in my life.

Yes, thank you for praying for our nation - all of us. I'm in total shock at the state of our country and worried about what's around the corner - especially for my children.

melissa said...

Sweet Mindy. You must surely blog more. :) Happy New Year! I miss you, you know.