May 31, 2010

Memorial Day...

Gasp.....she posts again!!! Yes I am back....its been quite awhile and for that I apologize. Time just seems to be passing so quickly it's amazing!!

My Hubby and I graduated from the School of Ministry on Resurrection was a long 1 1/2 yr process..with MANY tests and trails, but the Lord was so faithful in it all!

We are waiting on the Lord to find out what is next....until we know what it is, we are happily serving at our church. He is Head Usher and I am over the Prayer Ministry as well as a teacher in the Sunday School class. I am called on every 6 weeks to minister on Wednesday evenings to the congregation and Hubby has ministered on Sunday morning a handful of times!! God is Good!

Have more to tell you all...I am re-create mode....not sure where this will go...but God is in it!! Much to share with you...but for now, Enjoy the rest of your evening with family and friends, or if you didn't gather with loved ones....enjoy and relish in the blessed quiet!!

Tell next time...Blessings to you heart and hearth!!! xo


melissa said...

Thanks for your sweet comment (as always!), and for posting here as well. So tickled to see your profile picture. You are a pretty one!

Always love hearing how you're doing, and obviously you're doing well. :)

jAne said...

well gracious sakes ~ i had the most enjoyable visit last night on your blog. just had to come back and tell you so. my spirit was ministered to and blessed by more than a few of your posts. i'll be back. :o)


Deborah Ann said...

I've been MIA in blogland too. So I totally get that. Looks like God's doing some major work through you!

momstheword said...

Fortunately the Lord is always so faithful to lead us to the place where He has called us.

What a blessing to see you serving now as you are waiting instead of waiting to serve! God uses us where we are now until He leads us to where He wants us to be.

~ Nan