December 30, 2009

New Years's blessings!

We are going out of town tomorrow to spend the evening with our friends and family! We are staying in a local will be like a mini vacation for us!
I am looking forward to what the new year will bring. In spite of how the "economy" looks...I see how God has continued to provide for us, His had is on His own. I want to be in the place He wants me to be what He wants me to do...say what He wants me to say...see what I am supposed to see. It comes right down to being obedient really. The Bible says that "Obedience is better than sacrifice"....I want His perfect will for my life!! That may mean giving up things that are no longer beneficial to me....but I purpose to be obedient to His call.
I pray that this year is a new of great favor and flourishing for you and yours...get in a place to hear what the Lord is saying to you...let Him speak to you in His still and know that HE is God. He is directing our steps...yield to His hand and watch what He does in this coming year!!!
God's promises and blessings in abundance to you and Jesus' name!
Till next year!!! xo


Manuela@TPOH said...

Happy New Year! Enjoy your mini vacation. I feel very optimistic about the new year. I really think it's going to be great!


Jackie said...

Hey Mindy!

So blessed to have you stop by and join Fresh Oil Today! I so appreciate your kind comment and so glad to meet new bloggy friends!

I love your site and all of your vintage images just calm my soul! I live in Az where everything is so rustic, brown, brown and uh, brown. I must say though, the mountain town I live in has many historic victorian homes that are just beautiful. I guess in the early rancher days the cowboys wives insisted on a little of the finer things and those pioneers built such lovely victorians!!

I'm so blessed by your New Year's blessings! post. My heart echo's every word that you said. "I want to be in the place He wants me to be what He wants me to do...say what He wants me to say.....see what He wants me to see....My heart says YES LORD!!

I'll be stopping by often!

Sweet Blessings!

Deborah Ann said...

Hi Mindy, thanks for visiting my blog. Be sure to come back and enter my grand opening giveaway!

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

Your blog is so beautiful! Thank-you for stopping by, that was so sweet of you. I hope that you enjoyed looking at the candles. That was so sweet of you.

Deborah Ann said...

So far, I have to say God has really blessed my socks off! May your year be blessed in abundance!

Linda said...

Just noticed you are a new follower on my blog, just wanted to say thanks and hope you enjoy reading. I gather you are taking a break. Linda