December 12, 2006

Christmas corners...

Good Tuesday morning!! Its a beautiful day here in sunny Southern California..rather cool but I'm so enjoying this weather.
We had a great time at hubby's company Christmas party! It started to rain a little as we left to go home, and as we got closer to our home, it was pouring down rain! It was wonderful as we listened to the beautiful Christmas music on the radio.
Yesterday I spent alot of time of the phone with family, getting the details of this coming weekends party locked in! After this task was done, I did my weekly home blessing and started some more laundry...I finally got done about 5pm! Dear daughter and son went to get us dinner as I was exhausted! We enjoyed some TV, ate in front of the fireplace watching "The Wizard of Oz"...a classic!! Dear daughter has been studying for her finals this week, dear son#2 had his last it has been busy week and stressful for them as well! A sigh of relief will come Thursday when the last one is taken. In our devotional time lst night the kids prayed what the Lord had placed on their hearts, which blessed me so much! Its awesome to see the Lord move upon my children and with in the family!
Today I need to tidy up the master bedroom and start some laundry
log some bills on the calendar
go over my Lists for this weekend
get the linens out for the tables and iron them
work out on the back patio and tidy it up some
Dinner will be Tuna Rollups with homemade cheese sauce
Tossed green Salad
This is comfort food for me as my mother would fix this!! Its so good too!
These pictures are some festive little corners of my home! The mantle has some very simple garland with lights and I've taken some English ivy garland and pinecone garland and weaved them together to create a more lush looking garland, and then put my Santa amongst it as well as some of my vintage ornaments....the old Santa and Sleigh were my grandmother Mema's ornament...she always had this near her tree every year! The next picture is of the little elf that was mine when I was a little girl....and the book was my kids book that my parents sent to the kids when we we stationed in Japan years ago! Its a simple vignette with those things bring such wonderful memories for us all!
I wish you a joy-filled day in the Lord! Don't forget to take some time for you.. to get quiet and to get replenished so you can continue to give out and bless those around you!

The older I get the longer I hold on to a Holiday hug
The more I realize Christmas is a matter on the heart,
The more I enjoy giving than receiving,
The more I try to see Christmas through the eyes of a child,
The longer I sit in the glow of the Christmas tree light,
The more wonderfully beautiful the Christmas story is,
The deeper my awe at God's infinite Love.....
The more I love Christmas.

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Donna said...

What lovely decorations and I hope all goes well for your children on their finals!