December 09, 2006

Christmas festivites....

We are attending my hubby's company Christmas party! We will be going with our son and daughter in law, as well as my best friend and her hubby who also works for the company...needless to say its a family affair!!

Today I had to force myself to go workout, I have been in so much pain the past few days, but I went and felt better for doing it. I puttered about on the back patio some..just rearranging the patio furniture and placing a few decorations here and there. Its a lazy day today and quite cool. We are expecting rain tonight into tomorrow...I'm so thankful for it too!!!

Started to do a little shopping this past week, and still have more to do...all in due time! I say every year that I want to be done by the end of November...this has never happened to me yet...I do enjoy going out to the stores and just enjoying the experience of the season...the sights, smells and all that Christmas is to me!

Hoping this finds you well and enjoying the sights, smells, comforts and feelings of the seasonal beauty of that which we call the blessed Christmas season!!

"The only real blind person at Christmas time is he who has not Christmas in his heart"~~Helen Keller~~


kelley said...

Hi Mindy!
Enjoy the party tonight and I do hope that you are in less pain tonight!

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

I also enjoy Christmas shopping, and the sights and sounds! I love to see people living life and I pray for all I can. Enjoy your evening!

Kelli said...

Good for you for working out, Mindy! I hope your muscles are less sore soon. Have fun at the Christmas party tonight! We got a little surprise rain this afternoon which was wonderful. I say that same thing about Christmas shopping each year too! Phillip has the day off tomorrow so I'm heading out first thing in the morning.

Susan P. said...

Mindy, I hope you had a wonderful time at the party! I wanted to tell you that I love the quote by Helen Keller, it is sooooo true:)

~ Tracy ~ said...

Hope you have a great time at the Christmas party!