January 21, 2006

Happy Saturday!!!!!!!!

Its a beautiful day today!!! I haven't written for a few weeks...sorry about that....have had some family stuff going on. My DH had been diagnosed with diabetes and now its been a change of lifestyle not only for him but our kids too. They are adults but still live at home due to being full time students. I love to cook and bake...this is a challenge, but we have done away with the sugar and processed foods! All of us are feeling better because of it too! Dh is adjusting quite well, he is on oral medication and keeps track of his blood sugar. We have all decided that through this...God will get the glory!!!

My daughter and I were sick with that nasty stomach virus that lasted for about 4 days...oh goodness..so very thankful when that finally passed. Been on the mend over since.

I exercised today, felt good to do that, and then went out and jit a few yard sales, picked up quite a few things and spent only 20.00!! Praise the Lord!

Been working on de-cluttering for the past few days, and today i'm hitting my closet and drawers.....I feel the need, the need to purge!!!!

We are going out to dinner tonight, not sure where but we will have a good time no doubt!

wishing you a wonderful and prosperous day! God is indeed so very good to us!


"And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever ho doeth shall prosper". Psalm 1:3


ms*robyn said...

Hello Mindy ! thanks so much for the welcome home & I am looking forward to reading your blog !

melissa said...

How wonderful to read about your days. And your artwork is so sweet. I'll definitely be back!

Maggie Ann said...

Hope you are all recovered from the stomach virus. Our adult son has been suffering with it. He is on a business trip and gets home Friday...oh how I hope he will not be contagious. I know all about the need to de-clutter. My husband reminded me that we were making headway and then we went to SC to visit our daughter and filled the trunk with our Good Will finds plus the things she gave me. Life is filled with all kinds of good things...what can we do but enjoy..= ).

HomemakerAng said...

I am sorry to hear about your hubby!