January 23, 2006

Blessing of the home!!

Today was "home blessing day"! I look forward to doing this every week to get things back in order once again. I didn't have my grandson today as my son was off from work, so I used this off day for me to my advantage....I stripped our bed and did a deep thorough cleaning of our room, complete with freshly laundered linens back on the bed tonight! I had sprayed some wonderful linen spray that smells like fresh cut roses and thru open the windows and aired out the room. I had won some vintage pillowcases on eBay, first time I had ever bid let alone won!!!! It was a treat to receive them in the mail, they are beautiful. Our room is peaceful and tranquil, a place where I often go and pray and just be still. I believe its my favorite room in my home. Painting needs to be done, but in due time. I just enjoy finally having my own home after moving around the world for 20 years due to my husband's military service. I love being at home, I worked up until 2 years ago, and I consider myself a very blessed woman to have the priviledge of being and home...and keeping it just that.....a home!


Maggie Ann said...

Congratulations on your eby win! Its fun, isn't it. Your post is just so calming...I love it. Your home trully does sound like a sweet haven of rest.

HomemakerAng said...

dont those sheets smell woderful when you go to sleep at night when they are just washed. It is so rewarding to go to bed after a hard days work and "feel" the fruit of your days labors!