February 17, 2009

Let it rain!!

We have had so much rain here in Southern California!! It has been long over due. I welcome the rain, every bit of it!
I am typing this on my son's laptop as I have been sick in bed with a secondary infection and sinusitis, not fun whatsoever! I was at the E.R. Saturday night, came home and collapsed in bed to sleep. It is amazing what large doses of prayer and antibiotics does for a person!! Thank the Lord!
I look out my bedroom window which is open to air out the stuffiness of the room and I hear the sound of water rushing over the rocks in the creek behind our home. The wind is blowing the clouds so quickly, the sun is peeking in and out among the clouds. The birds are singing and flitting from tree to tree. I have a candle lit on my bedside table and felt this is the time to correspond with you.
Since my husband and I have started the School of Ministry, our lives have changed so much. We pray together...sounds strange....but we do. The growth that our individual lives have taken is just amazing to me, not to mention as a couple. Both of us know that we are called to full-time ministry. We do not know how the Lord will work this out, but we know He will!
With studying and also having a family...prioritizing is a must! So much needs to be caught up on around the home. I do a little here and there....making endless lists it seems.
I have a growing peace within me that I have not known before. That all is truly well. It doesn't matter what the news says, or the government....this is all subject to change suddenly too! I choose to focus on the eternal things.....for the things of this world are so temporary. Why use the energy to wring my hands and worry about this or that! Pray instead...pray without ceasing....for Prayer changes things, peoples, situations, government and nations!!!
I will be stopping by and giving you a hearty hello soon!! God's richest blessings to you my friends!!! XO


melissa said...

What a wonderful post. :) And about you and your husband praying together---doesn't sound strange at all. My husband and I do also, and it sure helps build a stronger marriage---least I think so.

You sound cozy all tucked up and healing. Take care and drink in as much rest as you can. Love you!

Jadehollow said...

Hey Mindy..
Thanks for stopping by earlier and for becoming a follower.. Look forward to getting to know you.
Have a Blessed Weekend.

Sharon Kaufman said...

I am so blessed to have you as a friend. You never judge me and accept me as I am and for this I am blessed