October 16, 2008

Tis Autumn...

Autumn greetings to you! I am so enjoying this time of year! As you know this is my favorite season..of course next to winter! This time of year my heart turns towards home and all that brings. Nesting, creating and arranging to make a cozy place to come home to.

Life has really picked up speed for me here in my peaceful corner. I have had quite a few opportunities of ministry this past summer, as the Lord continues to open doors for me! I study alot of days, doing assignments for school, plus the keeping of the home! The Lord is showing me what needs to be streamed lined in my days, and how He gives me more time! It is truly amazing as I see Him redeem the time for me!

My daughter wants to have a yard sale this weekend to clear out all the extra stuff in the garage! I say Hallelujah!! She wants to help and I am thrilled of the possibility that we will have breathing room in that space!

I had a birthday on the 1st of October...46...came and went! It was a blessing to have the kids and loved ones call to wish me well!! I am a blessed woman indeed!

With the financial situation in our country and world...the Christmas season will be sparse!! Time to go back to basics and the true reason for the season...JESUS! Time to be good stewards of what He has entrusted each of us with individually and collectively. Going back to the basics is perhaps making something from your heart...creativity is the key! I know I cannot be the only one thinking this way, but I refuse to go into further debt by using credit for Christmas! Simplicity will be the theme this year!

What are you doing this Autumn season? How are you filling your days? What are some of your ideas for a Simple Christmas? I would love to hear them!!!
I pray that each one of you are enjoying the glorious season of Autumn as the winds of change are indeed blowing upon us! Be blessed in your coming and going and may the Lord give you wisdom over all you put your hand to! Abundant blessings to your home and hearth!!


melissa said...

A true joy to read this post. You are such a sweetie-pie! I've missed you. ;)

Donna said...

We're cutting back on Christmas this year too...I've been firing up the crochet needle to make some gifts and bargain shopping on CBD.com.

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Mindy, Belated Happy Birthday wishs! Hope it was a grand celebration....=) I am lazy right now...I worked like a beaver on the home before our daughter and her two adorable sons came up for a visit. Now that the visit is over, I'm lazy as can be. Reading library books one after another....enjoying everything in a slow pace. They will be back for Christmas so maybe I'm saving up energy...grin. I had thought to cut back on decorating this year..but not now that they are coming back. One of my plans for Christmas is to make my own evergreen wreaths. They are so easy with the wire frames I have...you simply lay the pine on..and bend the wire spokes over the base of the pine and go on to the next grouping. Have you seen this type of frame? Hope your yard sale is a huge success in every way. Your planning and care of your home has always been an inspiration to me!

Kathi said...

We are going to have more people over for dinner. It's our goal to have more hospitality. I know the Bible mentions this. We'd like to stretch and try this. Happy Monday.


Joanne Kennedy said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi. It's always fun to meet new blogger friends.

This year for Christmas my family and I decided to not buy each other gifts. We are either going to make something or give coupons for gifts of our time.

So it should be fun this year to see what everyone comes up with.

Where about it CA do you live? I'm in Orange County.


cityfarmer said...

hopefully you remember me..hehe
I am trying to make it all the way thru my favorites list tonight...but there are so many wonderful little chicks.

I am toying with a simple Christmas....maybe no tree...i have the whole house bedecked and I think we can live without a tree...I'm going green!....oh and also we aren't buying asny gifts...so why have a tree.
We going to put our $ into a great meal and good wine

texasdaisey said...

I enjoy visiting your blog. It is like a breath of fresh air. I have tagged you on my blog. Blessings, Debbie

Saija said...

belated b.day greetings ...
and may the Lord bless you and the fam this Holy Season!

so thankful for Jesus!