August 07, 2008

Back to the Basics

Woke to sunshine but looking to the east it seems as if clouds may make their way towards the least that is what I am hoping for! We need some RAIN!

I have some wonderful instrumental worship music playing, the doors are all open airing out the house, washing is chugging along in the garage, and I'm taking a break and also taking a deep breath!

When I become so busy with know...stuff: errands, chores, activities here and there, yardwork....etc..I become ill at ease. I realize I am doing too much! I have the tendency to keep going and going till I hit a wall so to speak. This morning I heard that still small voice of the Spirit of God say, "back to the basics Mindy", and those things...that drive me to keep going and moving..lifted and once again...I find freedom and liberty in Him!

I can only speak for myself, but I know that there are others who feel as I do. Home is very important to me, always has been. Keeping home is a joy to me...even when I was working full time, I so enjoyed my days off..puttering and the like. I may be old-fashioned....unconventional, stuck in another time...but this doesn't bother me one bit! I have to be true to myself and how God fashioned me! Even as a little girl..I moved furniture around quite often, puttered in my own little room I shared with my sister. These are things that make me who I am! No longer do I make excuses for nesting and puttering....for when I am doing this...I am at peace!

Time to get back to the basics. What are the basics? Having a routine that is done daily...with no excuses, meals planned, errands done on certain days, and desk time to sit and plan. These are just a few things for me to implement once again. With the cost of food, meal planning is truly a must. Gas prices have fallen just a little but I plan my errands in the middle of the week to avoid the increased traffic that the weekends bring.

I am being purposeful in clearing out clutter from our backyard. Working just 15-30 minutes a day has wonderful results! I hosed off the patio and the some plants, deadheaded some roses too. I will make an arrangement to put on the table with flowers cut from the yard. It is lovely to see flowers on the table as I look outside. These are some little ideas to help me create my own sanctuary of peace and rest. I challenge you to do the same thing! Pick a spot to call your own and have fun creating the place of rest for you! Blessings to you this sweet Summer morning!!!


happyathome said...

Sadly, our society has been taught that we must go, go, go all the time. To slow down a bit, to be purposeful, to concentrate on doing a few things well instead of a hundred things poorly, is looked down on by our "more is better, busier is better" society. I learned from years of living life in the fastlane that I am not happy that way. It was not until a few years ago when I truly embraced the duties of a home-centered life that I became joyful. Like you, I am a nester and am most fulfilled when working to make that nest a haven of loveliness.

Thanks for a lovely, encouraging post.

(I've changed my username)

melissa said...

Sounds like you have your head on straight! Priorities and all.

I miss your posts, but totally get where you're coming from.

Love to you!

Maggie Ann said...

You set us an excellent example to stick to the stuff! It really is wise to stick to a routine when possible. I'm spoiled tonight, no hubby brought Chinese stir-fry home for supper and I didn't have to cook. Yippee! tomorrow is ironing day. Please pray for my sister 'L'. She had a compound fracture of the ankle...had surgery about a week and a half ago..and is in a very bad nursing facility. She is supposed to be moved to another next week. And, it seems as if the screw in her ankle may have come undone. She is in more pain than before and heard a snap noise in her ankle. Bless her heart, she'd had a hard time of it lately and more to come. Thank you for praying for her if the Lord brings her to mind.

Saija said...

that still small voice is the sweetest and kindest of all ...

back to basics is the best of ways!

blessings on you!

Thru Pink Curtains said...

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Donna said...

There is great comfort in daily routines that keep our homes a haven for the family.

Sharon Kay said...

You said every thing I have been thinking in this post and you said it well. I keep going because I think I have to. Take time for me and take time for God. Thanks for the reminder my friend.