July 23, 2008

Rested Soul...

Hello! This is the longest that I have been away since starting my blog a few years ago. I needed to take a break. I felt that I HAD to post so often...and the joy that I once felt..was no longer there.

I have had quite a few opportunities for ministry over the past few months! God is so faithful!!

I have studied His rich word with diligence....and continue to learn so much! The Lord is such an awesome teacher!!

The weather here believe it or not, has been on the cooler side! All the flowers are in full bloom and the tomatoes and peppers are going crazy! I am finding the balance with so many things in my life right now. I find myself looking at my routines, schedules, and how I spend my time. Time is so very precious! I sense a cutting away of those things that are restrictive and unfruitful use of time. There are so many time wasters....TV...especially!! So I am being very purposeful with the time I have been given.

My soul is rested and my spirit rejuvenated!!! Clearing away things in closets once again...finally planning a yard sale after too much talk about having one...just have to do it!!!

I must get to the Military base..the commissary and stock up on beans, canned foods, rice, meat etc...it is alot cheaper than the regular store! Time to fill up the pantry once again. The prices on food, gas, utilities etc.. keep rising, but I am so thankful that I belong to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords...for my faith is NOT is this country's system or the world's system...but in God's economy!!!

I want to encourage you in this...that no matter what is happening around us...our Father always watches over His children!!!

Blessings to you this summer evening...xo


Donna said...

So good to hear from you. I hear you about time...I've been dropping the unnecessary as much as possible. I concur about not worrying about the world system...God alone knows the future of those that belong to Him! Bless you dear friend, you were missed!

smellingtheroses said...

I found my way to your blog this morning as I was doing a Yahoo search. Your blog name sounded so lovely that I had to stop by.

Had to say, about blogging and posting...I actually ceased blogging about a year ago because I had become addicted to it. I was in blogville several hours a day, either posting my own thoughts or reading those of someone else. As a homeschooling mom, I was neglecting things that I needed to be doing in order to be on the computer. The Lord convicted me of not using my time wisely, and I've disengaged from the blog world since then. I am in the process of thinking about trying again, but I will certainly limit my time, as I've heard the Lord's voice on the issue of wisely using my time. So, I certainly understand what you mean about feeling like you had to post.

also, I say all the time that our country's hope is not in the president of the United States. In fact, the other day, I saw a bumper sticker that caused me to say that once again. It said, "Got Hope?" and there was a picture of Barack Obama alongside that. Our only hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ. Oh, may we Christians come to understand that with all our hearts.

Have a lovely day,

smellingtheroses said...

I just want to say that since I discovered your blog last week, it is one of perhaps two that I am going to allow myself to read. Your site is exactly as you call yourself...peaceful. It is a tranquil, lovely setting, and I feel peaceful being here. And I like that you don't post every day. Too many women post every day (even two or three posts a day), and then women get bogged down reading blogs. I've found that when I spend too much time reading blogs, I neglect my home and that blogs really aren't helping me to be the wife and mother God called me to be. So, I appreciate that when I visit here, I don't see 20 entries that I need to read. (Not sure if all my rambling made sense.)

Thank you,