March 04, 2008

Looks like Spring has come!!!

I'm still here and haven't fallen off the face of the Earth! The past few weeks have been so incredibly hard. We have had bouts with the Flu and also some other family issues that have required continued prayer. I remember not long ago a lady that I had met had said something that has stuck with me since that time and she said " In regards to our adult children, there will always be a place for prayer, for the need is great"!! So true!!!

I am feeling better everyday, but this stuff still tries to hang one. Taking each day as it comes...not making alot of plans, just being led of the Lord in what I do. Still continuing to pray for the elections and our country for this is such a pivotal time in our history...especially as a Christian!

Today I'm going to go out into the backyard and take some pictures of the blossoms on the Nectarine tree and the Flowering Plum...they are just gorgeous.

My heart is so full with thankfulness for all that the Lord Jesus has done in my life. He continues to amaze me everyday and let me know that He is with me and my family.. providing, guiding, directing and loving us. Lord I am amazed by you and how you love me!!!

I hope that each of you are well and enjoying your sunny days! Spring is on its way!!!

May the Lord order your steps today and everyday, Blessings to you and yours!!!


Donna said...

Longing for spring to come in MO. It decided to get cold again here. Oh well, in a couple of months I'll be bemoaning the fact that it's hot!

Maggie Ann said...

I hope you are feeling much better. We had two bouts with virus'. I know what you mean. They are hard to recover from. Your picture is just beautiful. Its a rainy day here and I've been working on a puzzle..quite contentedly, in spite of it being hard to find the pieces. Smile...