March 18, 2008

God is greater!!!!

Just when we thought that the cold/flu season has left our creeps in again and attempts to set up shop! This past Saturday Hubby took me to the ER for a visit...acute viral he is down on his back, our daughter Amie has a fever today and is in bed, our son Stephen has had an annoying sore throat for a week and just now feeling better. Today I woke and opened up to bedroom windows and grabbed the Lysol spray and sprayed everything in sight!!!!
We are all just laying low, its all we can do. Lots of fluids and plenty of rest. Been praying alot too...have asked for prayer from our church family and friends, what a blessing this is!
Meanwhile, the day is beautiful, blue skies and loads of sunshine! The air is cool in the shade but warm in the sun....a perfect Springlike day!
I was called yesterday and told that my Mom had fallen. Come to find out she broke her elbow. I called her this morning to see how she is doing, she said she slept good and was resting. Please keep her in your prayers!
In spite of the setbacks that life and the enemy would throw at us...God is greater! That is the one thing that i know for certain today...My Jesus is greater than all of this. Whether its health, family, church, national, or world issues....God is greater and we must look to Him in ALL things, for His wisdom and counsel in our daily walk in this world.
I pray as your read this the love of the Lord Jesus would wash over you afresh and strengthen you as we dwell is the shelter of the Almighty!! God bless you all .....blessings till i speak with you again soon...


Storybook Woods said...

Oh thank you for this post, I really needed it to hear it. xoxoxo Clarice

Maggie Ann said...

Mindy, I'm sorry to hear you & your family are ill. Such powerful virus' going around and so many different ones! I hope you are all feeling better and God gives you each a good recovery. I know how it feels, one of the virus' I had this last month I wondered if I'd ever shake it. I hope you have a blessed Easter, I appreciate your love for Jesus...He makes all things new doesn't he. Its like seeing life with new eyes. His. Hope this is making sense....=) Take care & stay cozy! I'm off for another cup of tea. We bought me a Sunbeam 'teadrop' maker...I love it. It has a basket to put loose tea leaves in that works slick as can be. Plus it keeps the tea warm for hours. Too bad you can't see this big smile I'm wearing...grin.

Maggie Ann said...

Whoops, forgot to answer your question...yes my header is one of my collage's. A little big. Wish Blogger had shrunk it just a little more. Nice of you to notice...=)

Dawn said...

Enjoy a good Resurrection Sunday!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by for a visit. Sorry to read your family is suffering from the yucks. Hope you are all up and "hopping" soon. Blessings to you and a beautiful Easter celebration.

Karen Eilaan