March 16, 2007

Gifts from Hubby~

What a surprise for me! Hubby received a package in the mail on Wednesday afternoon. He has been visiting the eBay site often so I thought nothing of it. While I was finishing up on the dinner preparation he came into the kitchen, bearing a big package wrapped in bubble wrap. Once opened, in my hands this beautiful "Biscuit Barrel"!! I mentioned to him months ago how I loved I am the grateful recipient of this treasure! The biscuit tin is another gift from him last year. I use it to put my assortment of tea in, and it is perfect use for it! The "Irish Coffee" cup was a find at a yard sale last Spring. I ususally keep the tin in the cabinet, but now with the new biscuit barrel, it will be kept on the countertop. It makes a lovely vignette and when I'm wanting a cup of will all be there together! Thank you dear hubby for your thoughtfulness, thank you for blessing me!!!

Much to to today...Tidy the house up

going to market


Wishing all of you a Happy start to the weekend that awaits.....blessings!


Maggie Ann said...

Mindy, your Biscuit Barrell is beautiful. What a thoughtful and loving husband you have! So are the mug and tin. I love things like lifts the spirits. Sounds like you had a busy day today. Aren't you glad for the quiet evening hours like this...not quite time for bed but just knowing the day is done. I find these last hours of the day so peaceful. I made a huge pan of soup today, and some quick fix breadsticks with a salad for supper, so that was hardly any work at all. I had a fairly busy day...answering the phone..=).

Amy said...

What a lovely gift! The cookies will be great in it :-)

Anonymous said...

The biscuit barrel is lovely. I've never heard that term. Was it from England? I keep my tea in a pretty round tin, a special gift from my daughter.

Conni Lu said...

What a fun gift! You must have a great hubby! Wishes for a great St. Pat's Day. :D

Susan P. said...

What a wonderful surprise from you dear husband! I love surprises!! The biscuit barrel is beautiful and I love the vignette that you have created with it. Have a wonderful weekend, Mindy!