March 13, 2007

First signs of Spring~

Wow has it been hot here!!! Yesterday it was 93 March? Today it rather pleasant in the house. I have all the doors open and the breeze is wafting through the house and it is quite nice.

Hubby has had a problem with his back as I've mentioned in prior posts. After the past few weeks of only 3-4 hours of sleep for myself...I felt it was time for me to go into the spare bedroom, so we can both sleep better till this passes. He is getting better day by day...thank you for your prayers! I grabbed the "Aerobed" and inflated it...put some great 400 thread count sheets on it...a quilt, and my pillows...ceiling fan on...bedside lamp dimly lit with my nightly reading was a great nights' sleep!! My own little oasis...for a short peaceful in there too!

Today I went to prayer and it was powerful! God is moving in such a mighty way and it is so exciting to see and be a part of what He is doing in these days!!

I've got the laundry humming away in the dryer, and will put that away once it is finished. Made some sugar free Jello with peaches...yum, and will make a Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting this afternoon. Dinner is Salmon Patties with Dill sauce

Baked Pototoes

Spinach salad with Strawberries and Feta cheese...yummy!

I've kept the backyard watered the last few days as I finally planted the Morning Glory and Sweet Pea seeds on Sunday! I already have Marigolds seedlings sprouting up, and much to my surprise,this morning as I'm leaving to go to the church...I saw a bud on the rose bush in the front planter!!! Spring is here!

Had some "Desk Time" this morning and afternoon in between doing other chores around the house. Able to pay a few bills and spruce up my household notebook. I'm creating a Master Grocery list, and some menus these will be included in the binder as well. It is a relatively easy day here today which I'm so grateful for. Some beautiful instrumental praise and worship music playing inthe background...and even as I'm doing the tasks for this heart sings in praise to My Lord. Wishing you abundant peace and comfort throughout Your day...Blessings


Kelli said...

Hello MIndy! I will keep your husband in my prayers and I'm glad to hear you were able to get some sleep in your new little spot.
I need to plant my morning glory seeds too. Your gardens sound like they are ready for spring!
I really like your term "Desk Time." I'm behind on my letter writing so I think that's what I'll be doing tomorrow!
Have a wonderful week.

Lovella said...

Sounds like a splendid day. Windows open and the breezes . . ooh . I just love Salmon, we have it almost every week, in fact everything on your dinner table sounds spectacular.
I'm glad you had a good nights sleep and I certainly hope the bad back is healed really soon.
Have a wonderful evening with your hubby.


I am glad you were able to get some sleep and that your husband's back is doing better. Yes, it is getting to be spring. We had rain recently and I had several red roses blooming, They were beautiful. I love springtime. connie from Texas

Senkyoshi said...

Your picture looks so inviting. I would love to sit in the chair with a cup of tea and a good book!

Maggie Ann said...

' heart sings in praise' How I love this statement! sorry to hear about your husband's suffering. Hoping he has better days ahead soon! My dh is waiting for me...gotta run. Wishing you a happy day. Your menu sounds sooo delish!

Donna said...

Hope your husband feels better soon. We still have a few weeks to go to plant seeds but I did get some pansys out this week to tide me over until I can. Everyday is exciting to see what has popped up out of the soil.