February 09, 2007

Thoughts and Ideas~

Another Friday is upon us and I'm ready for the weekend! Dear hubby is working very long hours..the kids have alot of things going on, and all in all it has been a very busy week. Forgive me for not posting as often as I have been.

Yesterday I drove to the dealership 30 miles away to have my car serviced, then called my sister as it was her day off, and we met for lunch. Had a lovely time with her, and afterwards we engaged in some "retail therapy"! At Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I found a beautiful footed compote 14.99 with 30% off, and 2 beautiful floral pillows at 9.99 ea at 30% off, for the family room sofa!! I will be able to put the potpourri I make from the roses and other flowers from my yard this spring/summer season, into this compote!

We haven't received much rain this season...hopefully the next month or so we can play catch up. We are expecting rain this weekend, and the clouds are already rolling in.

I was asked by one of my blogging friends' Maggie Ann, what a "Home Blessing" is. I wanted to take this opportunity to answer this question. I use the "Flylady" system to clean and maintain my home and every Monday is the "Home Blessing" day. Its the day that the floors get mopped , sheets get changed, vacuum and dusting, all trash cans are emptied...etc..I have a 2 story home, So I do the downstairs on Monday, upstairs on Tuesday...so instead of saying I'm doing "housework", its a "Home Blessing, sounding much gentler and doable! I have found that this is what works for me and in doing this my life has indeed changed as well as my perspective about "Keeping House". I love my routines and find them so grounding. When the storms of life come, I try to maintain those routines and move forward, finding these little things that are done everyday, so comforting and nurturing to me. Maybe I'm odd in this but I really love the aspect of nesting and keeping house! Something very satisfying about creating and nesting in the home....a sense of accomplishment...not perfection....some flowers picked up from the grocers' arranged gently in an old vintage chipped pitcher, old quilts folded to overflowing in an basket, pillows fluffed up and waiting to be used, the scent of tea tree oil and lavender cleaners wafting through the house from the use of it on the floors and baths, a few books stacked and ready to read next to the armchair, a shiny sink in the kitchen with a crisp vintage teatowel draped over the edge. Its those personal touches to our homes that say...come in and sit down, relax and recharge. Using those items in our homes that perhaps we have put away for a special occasion. Pull them out of the cabinets and closets and make everyday a celebration for you and your loved ones. Use them in a different way.....old cruets can be used as a soap dispenser or even mouthwash in the bath. Vintage stemware used to hold toothbrushes, hair clips or even pretty little soaps in the bath. Baskets can be used for holding potatoes and onions in the pantry, to organizing some cookbooks too. I have started a collection of creamers and plan of using them this spring upon the mantle in the family room, some filled with flowers and some not. I use antique teacups to hold tealight candles which create such a pretty glow. With the collection of antique and vintage books I have acquired over the years, I use these as well in my creating and nesting her at home. I stack them up and place a photo of loved ones, or a vase of flowers, a plant, or perhaps a clock. There is not right or wrong....use those things that are precious to you..so you can enjoy them everyday in a new way!

Enjoy your day my friends....you are loved, you are strong, and full of the peace of God that surpasses all understanding.

"Jesus said,"Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." John 15:12-13


Maggie Ann said...

Dear Mindy, thank you for sharing with me (& all your readers) your 'house blessing'. How sweet to think of housework like this. It glorifies it to be what I'm sure the LORD intends it to be for us. I'm so glad you posted about it for me. Its going to make a difference in the way I think of house chores...=). I love home things too and am thankful God has put me where he has...right at home =). May God bless you richly my friend, as you live for him so lovingly.

Kelli said...

Mindy, what a lovely post! Since reading about your Friday "Home Blessings" I've started doing my own. It makes the weekend so much nicer and especially Monday mornings. I don't do well waking up to a messy house on Monday!

Debra said...

Thanks for reminding me about the home blessing! It's been awhile since I did the Flylady stuff and I'd forgotten that term and how special a thing it is to do! Blessings, Debra

cityfarmer said...

Everytime I visit here I'm reminded of why I stop by...peace in the valley....it soothes me and I'm able to slow down for just a moment

Kelley said...

Hi Mindy...you and I use the same word...I don't use Flylady and heard from another source but I just love that we are blessing our homes and our families!

Hope that you are doing well! I have missed stopping by here!

Have a blessed week!

Beemoosie said...

Hi Mindy,
My first visit today, you have a lovely blog! I love your description of housekeeping.
Blessings to you!

FarmgirlCyn said...

Mindy, One thing I love about your blog is the sweet spirit that comes forth! I am always soothed by what you say, and the way in which you say it! You are a blessing!