February 12, 2007

Seasons of Growth~

I'm taking a rest from the day's activities to gather my thoughts. This morning was a busy one....woke very early and had my morning devotions, started the dishwasher and some laundry, then drove to prayer at church...which just keeps getting better and better...God is moving is a huge way!!
I came home and gathered up the coins which dear hubby put into wrappers to deposit in the bank. It isn't' a romantic gift but it sure is practical but,for Valentines' Day we purchased a coin sorter at Sam's Club...and the wrappers too, and that was his project he worked on till he went to bed last night! After all was said and done, there was $351.00 to deposit in the savings account!! It was put in a basket and I carried from the car into the bank...it was soooo HEAVY!!!! After the banking business was taken care of..I stopped in the local florist and purchased a small bouquet of flowers. She asked me what I wanted and I told her ,"Surprise me", and much to my delight she did! A riot of pink flowers...Roses, Gerber Daisys, Tulips, Alstromerias, and sweet smelling Hyacinths!! I put them into a white ceramic pitcher and placed them on my antique trunk that I use for a coffee table. The room looks so cheerful with flowers in it!
My son helped me make some spaghetti sauce for dinner tonight along with that we will have a tossed green salad, and garlic bread!
I've managed to steadily bless my home today..doing a little at a time, and enjoying the various things I'm doing...dusting, vacuuming, even folding the laundry. Love how the house looks once it has had its weekly blessing....and when its done I can focus on the detailed cleaning and purging of closets...and planning of some decorating projects that I would love to tackle soon.
I was asked about the scripture on my sidebar from the book of Isaiah. I specifically chose this one for the beginning of the New Year...for it is a season of new beginnings, a fresh slate so to speak. This passage speaks volumes to me...we can perceive the change coming and allow it to manifest in our lives by embracing what the Lord wants to do in our lives....or remain right where we are in the same place, very little or no growth spiritually. All relationships grow, they must or they will become stagnate....we change, we grow, and so must our relationship with the Lord. At times, the pruning comes, but when it does, its can get rather scary, the dead stuff getting lopped off, feeling the pain of having to let go... but it is for our own good.The Lord always knows what is best for us..but once that unhealthy dead stuff is cut away ...the new shoot of growth can spring forth and bear much fruit. I have been in this season many times, but now I find myself in a season of growth, and season of increased vision. I yield to this season of growth because all I want to do is be a vessel of Honor for My Master's service.

"May the Lord direct your hearts into God's love and Christ's perseverence." 2 Thessolonians 3:5


Maggie Ann said...

Dear Mindy, I can almost envision being in your living room, admiring the bouquet there. "Surprise me" you said...what a beautiful moment of trust! My closets need a blessing badly. You inspire me to unburden them, and then there'e the attic but its much to cold for that now. Come spring our school holds a garage sale and then its time to get up to the attic.~~How change adds up, doesn't it...its a wondor you could lift all that...smile.~~ I appreciate your testimony to grow and seek the Lord's blessings. Truth is such freedom...isn't it!

cityfarmer said...

It feels as if we are all going through some of the same pruning right now...God blesses

Donna said...

Change can sure add up. Your flowers are lovely. I enjoyed reading about how God is working in your life.

Miss Eagle said...

Thank you for telling how you see that scripture at work. Did my heart good. God is certainly doing something in my life I believe: but I'm not clear what it is. Just walk by faith daily and turn my hand to whatever is set in my path and my world to do while I wait on him and for him. To think we can share this a world away from one another. Simply 'mazing!