December 29, 2006


Let me take this time to say thank you to all my friends who left such heartfelt Christmas messages of encouragement and blessing for me as well as my family the past few days! We had a very tranquil and peaceful Christmas with all of our children with us! I am recuperating quite well, even though its much slower than I would like, needless to say, I am feeling much better!
Today dear son #2 and I will take down the Christmas tree and put the living room back together again... little at a time. I haven't been in a rush to do much of anything as I tire quickly, but I do a little each day and slowly things are getting done. The kids have pitched in as well as hubby to take care of a few things, but I do miss my routines. They are so grounding for me.
These days in between Christmas and New Years have always been for me, a time of reflecting of the past year, and an embracing of the new year ahead. Creating a new family planner for the year, purchasing some new towels for each bath room....allowing the newness of the upcoming year to filter in ever so slightly now!
Its a time of nesting for me...a time to refresh my surroundings. Packing away the festive colors of Christmas and bringing forth the simpleness of the new year. The throws are still used as well as the pillows, the candles have been refreshed with new ones, the morsels of sweet goodness have been either eaten or packed away for nibbling with hot tea in the afternoons, the laundry folded and put away,the tablescapes and vignettes are freshened up a bit with minor changes to them...just the movement of items from one room to another gives those very tablescapes and vignettes a different flavor. This is where my heart is right now...creating within my little nest!

Why do we love certain houses, and why do they seem to love us? It is the warmth of our individual hearts reflected in our surroundings. ~T. S. Robsjohn-Gibbings


FarmgirlCyn said...

I am with you there, dear Mindy! I have been laying low since Dec. 26. The corner grocer and my library have been my only outings! I also like to kind of "re-group" for the New Year.

Senkyoshi said...

The picture you posted is lovely. I'm new at your site. I have enjoyed reading your posts. I would love to have a week for nesting, but next week is my niece's wedding and then language school starts again.