December 18, 2006


I woke to a very chilly morning at 530 am! Went to prayer and ready to start my day!

Our family Christmas party was last Saturday! It was a wonderful time! I received a few phone calls from family, saying that they really enjoyed themselves!

Our dear Son#1 and his family have been staying with us since Friday night! Having them here has been such fun! My daughter-in-law and I worked in the kitchen together Saturday morning in preparation for the party...she made homemade salsa (the best) and I finished up on some batches of Revel Bar cookies to give as gifts! It was alot of fun talking and spending the time with each other!!

We went to do some shopping yesterday. We still have some more to do, but it will get done always does, and I refuse to stress about it!

Dear Son#2 has the stomach flu and went to the ER last night due to the pain in his stomach...they put him on an IV due to dehydration, then sent him back home. He is now resting and recovering,but please keep him in your prayers!

I'm going to make a pot of homemade soup today and make sandwiches! Have alot of cleaning and tidying to do! The kids pitched in to help yesterday get things tidied up a bit, but today is my home blessing day and goodness does this little ole' house need it!!!

Our family has seen the hand of God continue to provide and make a way for us, when there does not seem to be a way. The Lord has been so faithful, and my heart is so full with thankfulness and gratitude for what He has and continues to do. When the storms in life come, and they do come, I stand on the firm foundation of God! He is the Rock on which I stand! We saw the Lord miraculously open a door for continued provision....He made a way in the wilderness....Praise the Lord! God is so faithful, and the joy that is washing over me these past few days brings tears to my eyes even now...His faithfulness, His PEACE, His JOY...unspeakably and at a loss for words!!! We are all celebrating the miracle of the Christmas season...Christ Jesus!

"Light is shed upon the righteous and joy on the upright in heart" Psalm 97:11


FarmgirlCyn said...

And all God's people said..."AMEN!!!"
We, too, have seen the mighty hand of the Lord make a way where there was no way! Cause that's the kind of Daddy we have!

Donna said...

I'm glad you are getting to spend time with your loved ones. I hope your son feels better soon.

Senkyoshi said...

Thank you for sharing your blessing. I too am living in the joy of a special provision that came from the Lord. It is amazing to me when He provides in a way that I know could only come from Him! Do you have the salsa recipe? I live where it is very, very expensive to buy salsa and would love a good recipe. Thanks!

Kelley said...

Glad that you are having a wonderful visit with your family!
What a blessing and encouragement you are Mindy!
Keeping your son in my prayers!

Kelli said...

It sounds like you are having a wonderful Christmas season with your family!

cityfarmer said...

Sounds like one of the coziest homes.....blessings to you and yours.