November 11, 2006

There's a chill in the air~

Woke to partly cloudy skies and cooler temperatures, and now...its quite breezy and cloudy out! I am loving it!
Finished up on the tasks I had planned this week for my kitchen. So glad that it is done. I worked out in the yard today, cutting back some of the grapevine and pruning back roses and wisteria.
We had calzones and stromboli with a salad for dinner. Hubby ordered out tonight, and it was quite good! Good hearty meal for a cool, crisp evening.
We have our grandson for a few hours this evening as Dear son and Daughter-in-law are at a friends "Home Interior" party, for the ladies, and the guys are watching a game.
Its been a very relaxing, yet grounding day. I feel I got alot accomplished today and for me that's very gratifying.
In my cup I have some coffee, with white hot chocolate, its delicious and hits the spot this evening. The little one is sleeping while Grandpa is watching another football game. I have some candles lit and just getting cozied up for the evening.
Tomorrow morning brings worship service at 9am, then home to relax and possible putter around the day. I must work on my holiday journal some and finish the lists of items needed as well as the proverbial Christmas gift list for the family. I look forward to the Christmas holiday season with family traditions and get-togethers!!
The entire family will be coming together for Thanksgiving at my brother and sister-in-law's home again this year. We always have such a wonderful time, after dinner we go out and sit outside and enjoy a bonfire. We share stories and memories of loved ones who have gone to be with the Lord. A very special time of reflection and remembrance.
I wish you a restful and cozy evening.....Blessings to you and yours....

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clarice said...

I too am enjoying this fal blustry weather. Have a blessed relaxed day. Clarice