August 08, 2006

Longing for Autumn~

I know that i'm not the only person yearning for the cool, crisp evenings of the Fall Season. With the heat on in so many places across the country, our hearts look forward to this time. I have said for many years, that there is something very special about the Harvest season. The days indeed grow a little longer and even the sun takes on a "different" feel, I can't put my finger on it, but I know when the season has transitioned form one to the other, its gradual, then one wake and just know the change has happened! I have read that many others are wanting to decorate their homes already, and i'm one of those too! But I will wait until September to start transitioning my decor into the rich Autumnal colors of the season.
I have started detail cleaning in my kitchen this week! So far so Good...going through and doing some re-organizing of drawers and cabinets....making better use of the space I have.
I may start back to work on a part time basis. This has been a surprise to me, a dear family member called me and inquired if I wanted a job....I said well depends on what that job is!! In any case, its a visual display job for one of the big furniture stores in our area! They have a chain of stores in Orange County, and LA County and now some new stores in the County in which I reside, and the store that is closest to me is just about 1/2 mile away! I would work just a few days a week...which gives a little extra income to the family, and allows me to stretch my creativity. I will go Thursday for an informal interview, and possibly start work the same day!! God's will be done in this situation!!
Its been s busy week thus far, and its only Tuesday!! My husband and I have decided its time to step out and join the church we have been attending for the past year. When we moved here 3-4 years ago, we have visited a few churches and enjoyed our fellowship, but both of us felt that God has called us to a particular church, and today I have a meeting with the Assistant Pastor. I long to get involved and plugged into our church for I know that God wants me to move out in my gifts and to yield to His will!! I have such a sense of walking in purpose right prayer has always been "Less of Me Lord and More of YOU"!
Much to do today, so i'm off to take care of my home and tidy some things up. I wish each of you a prosperous day in the Lord!!! Blessings always.....


clarice said...

I am making myself hang in there and wait till the end of the month !!! Clarice

Peggy said...

You sound so happy and blessed! I am so glad things are going in the path you want. I pray I can have less of me and more of God.

Mrs. U said...

I just ADORE this post!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall and cannot wait for it to get here!! The only thing I don't like about fall is that the darkness comes so very quickly at night. Sigh.

I know PRECISELY what you mean about waking up and just "knowing" that the change has happened!!! Every year, my mother and I call each other when it happens in our area. She hasn't called me yet, nor have I her, so we are both anxiously awaiting the day that "it" happens!! Such a celebration!!

I can't wait to bake the warm, fall breads, serve up bowls of pumpkin black bean soup, cuddle up with an afghan and a cup of tea. Aaaahhhh fall!!

Thank you so very much for sharing!

Mrs. U