June 26, 2006

wonderful weekend~

We had the most delightful weekend. Dear hubby and I woke early Saturday morning to drive into the "City" to see our dear friends. My husband helped her husband with a patio project, and us girls went to do a little "boutique shopping". We had a grand time!!! We went to a tea room and had "High Tea"...its was so lovely and relaxing...then went around the little shopping center and visited some unique little shops....after that we drove to get a Pedicure and Manicures...complete with Hot oil treatments and cooling Foot Wraps....just delightful!! Came home to fix dinner for all of us...and then relaxed in their backyard, music provided by there newly installed water fountain. Their children drove to our house to spend the night with our children....Hubby and I drove home and then played "Scattergories" with all 4 kids...alot of fun and lots of laughter, making more memories with the kids! They went home yesterday afternoon, but before they departed, we ordered out some great Mexican food....and then played another round of "Scattergories". We settled in for the night with the Air conditioner fully on...as the weather has been hot and so very humid for Southern California! It is such a blessing to have this family in our lives...they are family!

The language of friendship is not words but meanings. ~Henry David Thoreau

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