February 02, 2008

Under the weather

I cannot believe that we are in the month of February already! Time seems to be picking up momentum these days.

We have another chance of rain tonight...makes for such a great nights sleep!

This is a photo I took several weeks ago of the master bedroom and my new down blanket (comforter) that I received for Christmas. I have been spending alot of time here recently since I have been sick and quite under the weather.
Cold symptoms came on 2 days ago, and Hubby is feeling the effects too. I have been taking mullein leaf which is a natural decongestant as well as Zicam, echinachea and lots of hot tea with honey and fresh lemons from our tree.

It is vital that we get plenty of rest and lots of fluids as we recover, but I started to really think about the idea of a "Feel Better" basket, just the thing when your not feeling well. You won't be caught off guard when the cold or flu bug strikes.

Find a nice sized basket to put all the neccessities: a few vintage hankies, some lace edged socks to keep the chill away and of course box of soft tissues. A small container of Vicks vaporub, Vitamin- C drops, cough drops, thermometer, bottles waters or some of those popular vitamin waters. Of course you must add some great magazines and a favorite read. Pampering yourself is so vital when you feeling badly...cozy bed covers, fluffed up pillows and your Feel Better basket!

Then when you finally on the mend you can have a coffee or tea tray just for you! A hearty mug or delicate tea cup. Flavored creamers: my favorite Hazelnut, or perhaps some Chai tea, a small place of your favorite delicacies...cookies, scones or mini muffins, a small tealight candle. Carry your tray to your little peaceful corner and unwind.

These are just a few ideas that have been mulling around in the mind as I've been resting the past few days. Hope you are well and enjoying your family fun time!! Blessings always.....Mindy


Donna said...

What a great idea about the "feel better basket." Hope you are feeling better soon. (((hugs)))

kansas crochet mom said...

your room is very pretty. I like the new comforter :)

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Seems there are bugs all over the country, Mindy! I have had an annoying tickle in my throat that has been going on for days. Finally got a prescription cough syrup with codeine which allowed me a blissful nights sleep last night! Hope you are better soon!

Maggie Ann said...

My whole nightstand and the coffee table are filled with my 'feel better' things. Messy me...smile. I like your ideas...and wouldn't it be just perfect if someone else prepared these things for us and just served the tea even. But then we wouldn't want them to see us...me anyway, in my cozy socks and kleenex like snowballs around me. Hope you feel better soon!