January 18, 2008

Morning Musing

Happy Friday! I've been up since 345 this morning....the sun has yet to rise here on the West Coast..but looking East towards the horizon, daybreak isn't to far away. I had a crazy dream that has kept me awake. Got up and made some coffee and have my devotional time with the Lord.

The New Year has brought forth some busy days for me thus far. While I enjoy the busyness...I am so thankful for the days where there isn't anything planned, no appointments to go to, but able to putter around the house and attend to things here at home.

I am relishing these cooler days, it is so invigorating to me! I seem to thrive in the cold weather!! Able to make some changes to the decor of my home, moving a few things about to bring a different look. The cozy throws, as well as my candles are getting quite a workout too!

Today brings laundry and puttering!! First stop is the master bedroom. Bringing some more order to our dresser drawers and layering a few tablecloths for my bedside table to soften the look and break up all the wood pieces a bit. I found a crocheted piece a few years ago at a yard sale, then last year at the thrift shop, found a lovely damask square. I love using these 2 together.

Dinner for tonight is a pan of Lasagna, garlic bread, and tossed green salad! Simple and hearty too!

This weekend I'm going to finish up gathering the remaining items needed for our taxes. We already had our preliminary appointment with our tax man!! Just have to set aside time to get this accomplished.

What are your plans this weekend? Venturing out or staying in? Whatever you find yourself doing...Enjoy!!!! Blessings to you and yours always....


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Mindy!
The cooler weather this year has been quite refreshing!

I have a quiet day here at home today after being at the school almost all day yesterday and I am relishing being able to putter around!
Nothing beats home!

Wishing you a blessed weekend ahead!
I am planning on getting some stitching done!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

We have some bitter weather coming this weekend...highs in the single digits...so I will be hunkering down here at the farmette. I even added an extra bale of straw to the hen house floor, in anticipation of the cold.
So...lots of soup and perhaps some home made bread, and maybe an old movie?

cityfarmer said...

We are snuggled down (Midwest,too)
with fun football food and some movies...tonight is James Bond...Casino Royale...pour the wine

Adrienne said...

We have had COLD weather in our part of the Pacific Northwest. I love to stay inside all day when it's like that - with a fire in the fireplace, soup or stew simmering on the stove and wonderful music filling the house while I do 'home-y' kinds of things. The weekend has a combination of things planned. An at-home day today and a busy day tomorrow of playing at church and conducting a Sunday evening service at a Senior Citizen apartment community with my sweetheart. A visit to his step-mom in there somewhere, too. It will be a good weekend and I'm thankful for today at home. ~Adrienne~

Sharon said...

It sounds like you have a good weekend planned. I love to wake up early too and spend time with the Lord. I love the picture of the bed, is it yours? It looks so cozy and comfy!

Hugs, Sharon

Mrs. Staggs said...

Things sound cozy in all the best ways at your house these days. I've enjoyed hearing all about them. Thank you for sharing.

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Mindy, I love to stay cozy inside and always have lots of things to do. Work and pleasure. Right now I'm knitting a pair of fingerless gloves and reading and practising my cello. We had prayer meeting tonight and the evening went by really quickly and here I am burning the midnight oil and beyond....=)...blogging. I don't spend near the time online I used too, so am indulging myself tonight. Last week I had a nasty head cold and am SO glad thats over with!