December 04, 2007


The past few months I have had the wonderful gift of this particular woman's acquaintance and now friendship. She has been battling cancer for 2 years now. It was in remission for a period of time and it has come back again.

I have driven her to prayer for the past few weeks, which is such a privilege for me! She is amazingly open and quite honest. When she is so simple...right from her heart....with such childlike faith. I have learned so much from her. She was given gift cards for food for her family from our church...she opened the envelope that the church helper gave her...she gently layed them on the chair that she had her legs propped up on. She turned to one of the gentlemen in the group that we have prayed for regarding employment. She inquired of him if they had enough food for Thanksgiving...he answered.." We are fine"....she picked up the gift cards for the grocery store and said.."please take them for your wife and child". I sat there and as tears welled up in my eyes, realizing that I saw the love of God in action. She gave in spite of her own pain, need, and struggle. She knew that he needed it more than she and her family did. She continues to inspire me everyday. Little things...wanting to pray for others, to bless others no matter how she may be feeling. So selfless. This is just one of the acts that I have witnessed lately.

It is a humbling place to see one who is wrecked with pain, so thin and barely able to eat...and asks you how YOUR feeling, and if she can help you in anyway. She speaks truth with love and encourages others on in their faith in Jesus. She has such a heart for the lost, and witnesses at the hospital all the time!!

The Christmas season I have been given such a beautiful gift. The gift of Christ's love in action. Seeing His love being poured forth in this woman and all she touches.

I felt I needed to share this with share this testimony, to encourage you on in your walk with Jesus. Be a blessing to may never know how you may change another life, but know that your life will be forever changed because of it.

May your home be filled with peace and joy!



Susan P. said...

Mindy, thank you so much for sharing that. Your friend's courage, faith, and love for our Lord is a true inspiration to us all.

Donna said...

How beautiful this testimony was.