November 09, 2007

Friday musings...

It has been an emotional few days. Lots going on here at the homestead that had brought much chaos and confusion to our home. I won't go into detail, but today is indeed a new day and peace abounds once again in our home!

I have been busy making lists for the upcoming holiday season. Gathering the seasonal recipes, taking stock of what I have in the pantry and going over the budget for Christmas gifts. I have bought 2 gifts already!!! I made a Holiday notebook 2 years ago and this has been such a blessing to me! I keep recipes, gift lists, shopping lists, where the decorations go each year. It really is so helpful!

The flannel sheets have been added to our beds...which means...its getting chilly here in Southern California!!! I love the cold weather....I feel so energized! It is a cloudy and cool day today..perfect for a hot cup of tea, some Christmas idea books, and plenty of candles!

The kids are camping in the mountains this weekend. Hubby and I have the house to ourselves!! Perhaps dinner and a movie is in the works. We will have Nicholas our grandson tomorrow night...I haven't seen him since I have been home from Branson...I miss the little man so much!

I am sharing some beautiful pictures of Branson...the countryside is just rolling hills, and the colors of the trees in their Autumn splendor were breathtaking!!! I hope you enjoy them...and I will be dropping in for a visit today and throughout the weekend!

Have a peaceful and rejuvenating weekend!!


Mrs. Staggs said...

Your part of the world looks so different from mine right now. We've had lots of gray days,and some rain here lately.
I've been thinking ahead some to December and all it brings as well. It's such a nice time of the year.
I hope yours is a lovely weekend as well.
Best wishes to you!

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Mindy, Your pictures are beautiful, and I'm glad things are more peaceful now. The calm after the storm is so welcome for all of us isn't it. It makes it all the more precious. We've spent a quiet day at home after a busy week. Its quite chilly here, but just think, Christmas is next month!!! We went Christmas shopping yesterday and found many gifts, what a good feeling that Now to look forward to Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Darling said...

Glad that peace has returned. Have a good weekend.

Donna said...

Hope you had a lovely weekend!