August 30, 2007

this n' that

Whew is it ever hot! The temperature was 107 yesterday, today it was 105! It is supposed to be this way throughout the holiday weekend. Oh Autumn please come soon!!!

We may get some rain from afternoon thunderstorms and this would be most welcome right now! I continue to get my housework done either early in the morning or late in the evening, run the appliances at those times as well, just to conserve where we can.

I received my order from Home Interiors that I placed from my younger sister yesterday, it was like Christmas morning for me!!! Candles, garlands, a topiary, candleholders etc...what fun it will be once I begin to decorate for the Autumn season. Most everything can be used year round, with simple changes of candles and flowers!

As the heat seems to drag on...I can't help but look towards Autumn. Every year I do this....wait for the first evening to display a hint of Fall crispness in the air. Once here, its soups and stews for this home! Nothing better than having a pot of homemade soup simmering in the back of the stove with some good crusty bread!

I had to go to Target to get a new vacuum, as my last one exploded! I settled on the Bissell " Healthy Home" cleans like a dream and the hose is extra long which is wonderful for the stairs! So today..I vacuumed everything!!!

What are your plans for the holiday weekend? Going somewhere or staying home? We will be going our our friend's home on Sunday, but other than that, we are staying home...getting a few things done around here in spite of the heat!

Wishing you a wonderful and restful Holiday weekend with your loved ones!!! Blessings always...
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Donna said...

I'm hoping our holiday weekend will be calm and quiet because next week, the children will start school. I echo your wish "Autumn...please get her soon!

LBP said...

I can certainly relate about the heat! We had record highs in August with the average temp 93 degrees. Our normal highs in August are 82.

Hope you have a great holiday weekend.

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

It's still warm here in the Northeast, but the leaves are beginning to turn a bit already.
This summer went by way too fast for me, Mindy! Yet, I will still cherish each day of Autumn! And yes! simmering soup and good crusty bread sounds so good!
Have a wonderful weekend and I will keep you in prayer as you seek the Lords will in your life--with Love and blessings-Claudia O.

Mrs. Darling said...

Our temps have been in the lo 80's. Its suppose to rain tonight.
It seems like this labor day weekend just continues to fill up. Frankly I'll be gald when its done!

cityfarmer said...

We, also stayed home and did the budget and many projects...feels good to start fall like that.

Maggie Ann said...

Love your post...and hasn't the name 'Bissell' been around a long time...its nice to know that. When I look through my vintage magazines...its really interesting to see familiar names of products. And...we worked around our home over Monday holiday. Hubby started working on our front flower bed...its rotting timbers needed removed and he has it almost done. Just needs to cap the block...and pretty it up for me. I'm off for a cup of tea soon....and we'll finish off the Hallmark movie we started last night. Oooh, that sounds good to

Farmgirl Cyn said...

We had lots of family problems over the holiday week, so it was anything but peaceful. peace comes from the Lord, and in Him I have taken refuge!!!