May 12, 2007

under the weather~

I've been in bed the past few days with another bout of bronchitis! A dear friend from church drove me to the Naval Hospital, as she felt I wasn't well enough to drive, and went to see the doctor. After 30 minutes and a short wait for medication and a rather enjoyable drive home with pleasant chit chat...i climbed into bed and there I have been. I woke this morning and made a cup of hot tea and went outside and sat under the patio umbrella as the kids weeded the flower beds....I was soaking up the sun's rays. It is just amazing to me as you start to come out of this lose energy sooo quick! I will not I do not want to end up in the I will continue to rest, heal and relax. I have some Victoria magazines to read as well as finishing up on a book. Time for me to venture back into my sanctuary to rest. I will post again very soon, but until then I wish you all a wonderful weekend and days filled with the joys of Spring!!! Blessings...

"The Joy of the Lord is your strength"

Nehemiah 8:10


melissa said...

Take care and enjoy your Mother's Day weekend. Glad you have family to tend to you, including the weeding of your flower beds. :)

I'm familiar with bronchitis, so can identify with your situation. Hot tea and lots of it. Btw, if you can find mullein at the healthfood store, it can help a cough. It works great as a tincture and a tea.

Love to you.

Kelli said...

I'm so sorry to hear you are sick, Mindy. Prayers and hugs coming your way. Happy Mother's Day!

Amy said...

So sorry you aren't feeling the best. Lots of prayers going out to you from here :-)