May 22, 2007

Around the house~

Greetings!!!! I am feeling much better and my energy level is increasing everyday!!! Thank the Lord! I have been continuing to rest and do what is needed here at home.

Yesterday I went to morning prayer at church. Felt good to get back to the routine!!

I have been busy puttering about the house and righting the wrongs. Doing some more laundry today and some desk work (paying bills, marking the calendar etc..) and planning tonight's dinner, Battered Halibut, Roasted potatoes, and Green Beans. Sometimes menu planning tough, so I pull out my cookbooks and look online also...puts the creative spark back into cooking!

I am posting a few photos of a few new items around the house. Hubby won an oil painting bid on eBay and now it hangs so nicely above the mantle and really changes the feel on the room.

Went to a few yard sales on Saturday, I was out about 2 hours and purchased an Ethan Allen reclining wing chair for 5.00!! I brought it home and cleaned it...still have a few things to do to it..but it looks great in the family room too! Funny thing is that Hubby was and I had talked about purchasing a new one to the tune of...398.00, the night before!!! Amazing and such a blessing! Found an depression glass cake plate and a glass refrigerator container,and an old victorian print in a oak frame that I will put over the headboard in the master bedroom!

I will also be posting a few pictures of the window treatment I made for my room, and a few other new additions to my home.

I pray you have a wonderful day filled with all the Lord's blessings!!

"May I cherish simplicity and Godly sincerity of character"

~Puritan Prayer~


Kelley said...

Wow Mindy, sounds like a great weekend and really productive!
All your new treasures sound wonderful~ I wish that I could find such neat goodies at the thrift stores and yard sales!


Everything looks so beautiful. I especially love the painting. connie from Texas

Kelli said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better, Mindy!! Your new treasures are wonderful! The painting is beautiful.

HsKubes said...

What great treasures. How wonderful to see how the Lord filled that particular want for y'all. The chair is lovely!
Thank you for visiting me. I was thrilled to hear y'all are a retired Marine family (ooh rah). *Ü* We are aiming for retirement, too... about 5 more years.
It was great to hear from you.

~ Christina

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Mindy! you really found some great finds. I so enjoy going to the sales too. You can furnish or add to your home on shoestring if you shop wise. Your home is beautiful!

annewithane65 (Kim) said...

I love the picture...who painted it? That's a great chair, too!

Mrs. U said...

You really had some fabulous finds!!!

Everything looks so lovely!

Mrs. U