February 20, 2007

some random thoughts of the day...

After the rain we've had yesterday, the sunshine is a most welcomes sight! We are in store for more wet weather the end of the week....so thankful for that!

I went to prayer today, and then home to start the routines for the day. Hubby is home again today, he went to the doctor's and received some muscle relaxers as well as a high dosage of Tylenol, so we a praying and believing that he will have a beloved sweet slumber as the Lord promises in His word.

I brought down the crockpot again and put in some chicken sausages (sweet bell pepper and onion) that I purchased at Trader Joe's, along with red potatoes, sliced onion and a can of sauerkraut. Its an easy menu with some dinner rolls and a salad and dinners done!

I'm working in the Master Bedroom this week. Taking down the blinds..washing them as well as the curtains. I've purged some drawers as well as the closet. The drawers in the bath room will also need a once over as well! Getting rid of those things that we think we must have...paring down is a good thing! Lighten the load a little in this house while blessing another with your treasures. Sometimes i just give away items to family and friends, as well as dropping off at the local thrift store.

Have a few magazines that I've not been able to read yet..for the month March "Country Living" and "Traditional Home". My bedside table has some great books looking to be read "Christy" which I picked up at the thrift store for 1.00, and "Darcy and Elizabeth" a sequel of sorts to Pride and Prejudice, and these few books.. "Intercessory Prayer", and "You are not what you weigh"...by Lisa Bevere.

I've always enjoyed reading ever since I was a child. Its very relaxing to me. A good book and a hot cup of tea and I'm set!

Time to continue with the plans of my day...enjoy your evening with your loved ones...pick up a good book, brew a soothing cup of tea and relax in your peaceful corner.

"The Lord blesses the home of the righteous." Proverbs 3:33


Donna said...

So many things to read...never enough time unfortunately! I need to do a master bedroom cleaning and purging too!

Kelli said...

Hello, Mindy, it sounds like you had a lovely day. I read Christy many years ago and just loved it. I'll have to get it down from the shelf again!


melissa said...

You're my breath of fresh air this morning. I can just visualize you bustling around the house, cleaning it and loving over it for your family.

And the recipe sounds wonderful. ;)

Maggie Ann said...

What a nice homey post...I love reading. On our trip south I found a gem of a book...."Fairwell to Fairacre" by Miss Read. Have you read her books? Your crockpot recipe sounds good. I love things to make in the crockpot. Paring down is hard to do...I've done a good bit over the winter but possesions seem to grow rapidly with each trip out!

cityfarmer said...

Must start a spring to-do list...sounds like you're way ahead of me.