January 11, 2007


Its a cold. blustery day and I'm loving it! Went to prayer this morning and then off to the doctors' to get some blood work done and get re-check after this bout with bronchitis. I enjoyed the drive down to the base....had to drive to the Naval Hospital. It was a wonderful mixture of clouds and sun, with the sun peeking through at times bringing such lovely shafts of light to the ground...but as the day went on its turned colder and much more windy!

For dinner we are having homemade Foccacia Bread and Beef Barley Soup. The perfect menu for a day like today!

I've been quite busy going through drawers and cabinets in the kitchen, and in the garage also. I was able to through alot of things away and get items ready to donate too. Feels really good to purge the excess!

I have taken some pictures of a few things I picked up at one of our quaint antique shops in the town I live in...this first one is a cute little creamer...thought I would use it as a vase this spring or sooner! The picture to the right is a little bouquet I made the other day ...and the "Victoria" magazines and the vintage doily underneath picked up at the same little shop. It is my nightstand area, the figurine is a gift from my Dear Daughter for Mothers day last year....a candle and some books that I've stacked up to put the vase on.
Still have to go through files and purge them too....but I've procrastinated long enough,I just have to dive in and do it. With the weather turning cold and perhaps rainy, this is the perfect time to accomplish that task.
Received a call from my younger sister that our Mom was taken to the ER 2 days ago. The are ruling out a mild stroke. Please keep her in your prayers. She is home now, talked to her yesterday, she was tired as to be expected, but so happy to be in her own home and able to rest there. All is well!
I feel as if I'm being called to step out more in what the Lord has placed upon my heart to do in my life. I have been waiting so long for this, but also its been baby steps everyday to get to this point that I'm at right now. I sense a graduation of sorts, a moving to another level..."from Glory to Glory" as the word of God says! I rest in Him, knowing that He who started a good work in me will be faithful to finish it!!!! Blessings to you and yours......
"Every morning the sun rises to warm the earth. If it were to fail to shine for just one minute, all life on earth would die. The rains come to water the earth. There is fertility in the soil, life in the seeds, oxygen in the air. The providence of God is about us in unbelievable abundnce every moment. But so often we just take it for granted." Charles L. Allen


Donna said...

Love your finds...I wish Victoria magazine was still available. I hope your mom feels better soon...that must have been scary for her. Your supper sounds really good...perfect for cooler weather.

~ Tracy ~ said...

Mindy, so glad your Mom is okay & back at home. Have you purged those files yet? ;)

cityfarmer said...

Aaaahhhh those old Victoria's...I still have the first issue that ever was.

A prayer for Mom!!!!!!!!