September 16, 2006

Peace Reigns in our hearts~

Its a beautiful sunny day here in Southern California! I woke to the smell of fresh brewed coffee, the sounds of the birds, and a breeze coming in through the open window... What a delight!!!

The simple decorations for the Autumn season have been placed throughout the I must take the spring/summer things and put them in my old steamer truck in the spare bedroom. I took photos last night of different vignettes in the house and will post them starting either tomorrow or Monday!!
My best friend and her son are driving up to see us today!! Not sure what we are going to do, maybe hit a few antique shops in "Old Town" or maybe just sit out on the patio and enjoy this glorious Fall day, but no matter what we do, we just enjoy our time together! Its a blessing!!!
My kids have been working on homework all week, and working too...they are still asleep! Hubby is at work right now, so the house is quiet ans this time of morning. To gather my thoughts, and say a quiet prayer as the Lord leads.
With all the turmoil in the world...we must create within our homes a sense of calm and respite. Our home is our natural refuge, our natural habitation, our natural dwelling, where we come and share with family,lay our heads sleep, and break bread together. But what the Lord has been impressing upon me for years is this: To create a peaceful dwelling you must first have peace yourself, and that peace only comes from Him, knowing our Lord Jesus. We can buy this or that, thinking that it will add to the comfort and tranquility of your home, and it may do just that, but, it will not satisfy for long. The worlds way of peace is not God's way.You know when your walking in the peace of God which passes all understanding when troubles comes, chaos hits, and others come against you falsely and you may stand and the calmness comes and washes over can feel it, like a balm being poured over your being. We do not live in denial of what may be going on around us or in our homes, but the Peace of God is very real and very tangible, and to me...more powerful than the circumstances. For today seek peace, within yourself, be purposeful, take authority of those thoughts that would try to hinder you and rob you of your peace...and bask in the Lord's presence...and see if the peace within you...filters out of you into the lives you touch and into your home. My prayer today is: May the Peace of God be upon you, may you be assured that He who started a good work in you will be faithful to finish it, and be assured knowing that the King of Glory is directing your steps and lighting your path. In Jesus' name...Amen.

"Thou will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Trust in the Lord for ever: for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength." ~Isaiah 26:3-4~


Lady Kay said...

Nothing better then a fll afternoon with old friends. And looking forward to your pictures of the fall decorating.

~ Tracy ~ said...

Beautiful thoughts, Mindy! Hope you have a wonderful day.

Maggie Ann said...

Dear Mindy, what a beautiful post to reflect upon...the peace of God in the midst of a troubling world...deep in our hearts and reflected in our homes. The verse you quote here from Isaiah has brought me comfort and into the blessing of God many times over the years.

Amy said...

yep the peace of God is the ultimate, there's nothing like it!

Donna said...

I love the verse and the picture. I too eagerly anticipate your vignette pictures.