September 23, 2006

Autumn's Palette~

Welcome Autumn!!! Its finally here!!! Its been such a long hot summer, that i'm embracing this wonderful change of seasons thoroughly!

The first 2 pictures are of the entryway table. This "Pumpkin Topiary", I made a few years ago for my Mother's 80th birthday party, she kept one and so did I. Quite easy to make too! The leave garland was purchased at the dollar store, the pretty amber beaded garland was purchased on my recent vacation trip with my family to Pacific Grove, in a cozy little boutique! Lastly, sitting on the coffee table in the living room is a metal bowl that has a "worn" finish filled to the brim with miniature gourds and leaves from the dollar tree, and some dried artichokes i've had for years, as well as "feathered" round ornaments. It works well together due to the colors, and brings a variety of texture also.
Last night I lite every candle downstairs, plugged in my twinkle lights in my china cabinet, put in a CD of hammered dulcimer and harp music....took a deep breath, grabbed some Autumn catalogs and browsed till my hearts content. I was the only one home, as my youngest was out with his girlfriend...and dear hubby and daughter are still in Oklahoma.
Yesterday afternoon I worked some in the yard, purging and cutting back...still alot to do but having to do it in little increments.
Today both my sons, daughter-in-law and grandson attended church services, what a blessing we were all able to come together and worship....I'm so very thankful to the Lord for this!
The house is clean and tidy, the water in going in the backyard, its a warm day here...90 degrees, but cools down so quick in the evening. I may take a nap later this afternoon, or watch "Pride and Prejudice" again....but whatever I do, I plan on resting!
I hope that each of you enjoy your time with loved ones today...because today is what we have. Blessings to you and to your households....
"For man, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together. For nature, it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad"~~~~Edwin Way Teale~~~
Oh, the glory of this autumn day, when the trees unfold their gold!
Oh , how lifted is my spirit, Lord, when such beauty I behold!
Like precious coins, each leaf holds on through sunshine, fog, haze; the memory of this rich display will warm my winter days.
~~ by Helen Kitchell Evans~~


Amy said...

That's such a pretty decor - love the colours!

Anonymous said...

everything looks so lovely! Have a blessed week.

Kelli said...

Beautiful fall decorations! The pumpkin topiary is wonderful! I hope you have a wonderful afternoon!
Happy fall!

Donna said...

Thanks for the inspiration!

cityfarmer said...

I, too think you should rest...God bless you and your little family upon the passing of your brother in law...God's grace is tryly sufficient.

Kris in TN said...

Love the fall decor ... you probably know from visiting my blog that I LOVE FALL!! LOL! Thanks for stopping by ... that's neat that we have the same blogging desk - mine is a reproduction too and I love all of the drawers, esp. those that are sorta hidden!


Anonymous said...

I love everything! You make me want to get more serious about my own home autumn decor (which I leave up all year since our house is called Autumn Cottage). :) Thanks for sharing such pretty photos! Blessings, Debra

Maggie Ann said...

I love your bit of poetry by Helen K.Evans. It sums up life in the beautiful fall season so well!