August 16, 2006

God Calling~

Todays devotional is taken from "God Calling" by A.J. Russell~

No Tired Work~

"Rest. It is wrong to force work. Rest until Life, Eternal Life, flowing through your veins and hearts and minds, bids you bestir yourselves, and work, glad work, will follow.
Tired work never tells.
Rest. Remember I am your Physician, Healer of mind and body. Look to Me for cure, for rest, for Peace."


Leslie said...

I enjoy your blog do much. Where do you fine the beautiful paintings?

Amy said...

That is an awesome quote! So true!

Maggie Ann said...

Mindy, I hope you do start a 21 day (or more) jounal. Its so much fun!

Donna said...

The picture and the devotion are inspiring.

~ Tracy ~ said...

Lovely post, Mindy! Hope all is well & you have a great weekend. :)