July 27, 2006

Tranquil Thursday~

My its been such a busy week! Our son's birthday is tomorrow and our grandson's 1st birthday is Saturday! I have the gifts bought, just need to wrap them up in a festive fashion and i'll be set! I've been clearing out my Master bedroom Closet...purging the clothes that no longer fit...(i've dropped 2 dress sizes!..Praise the Lord) gathering them together to bless another woman that I know. Purse, shoes and accessories, and generally re-organizing some things. It always feel so good to rid oneself of the excess that we seem to accumulate so quickly and pass the blessing to someone else! The weather is starting to cool down some as this evening, i've opened the windows and turned off the air conditioner! After having the a/c on for the past week or so..the home needed some fresh air, to clear out the stale air of the a/c! Just stopped for a few moments to light a few candles at dusk....the house is so quiet and peaceful...the television is turned off and some classical music is playing. Dishes are needing to be done, but, since we had pizza tonight, the kitchen clean-up should be minimal. Everytime I try to sit down and work on my Household notebook, distraction comes. Its comes in various forms, family, phone, lots of different ways. So for tonight...I plan on very little television, if any, and cleaning the kitchen to beautiful music, while the soft candle light cast shadows upon the walls in the room. Having a cup of hot tea and working some on my notebook. I am thankful today and the blessings that have come forth over the past few days. The Lord has continued to bring some terrific people into my life and for that...i'm so incredibly humbled and grateful.I feel the tug of the Holy Spirit to surrender and yield more to His presence in a way i've never known, and accept by faith what awaits me. The Lord God is the one who brings His promises to pass in my life, waiting upon Him, Hearing His voice, weeping before Him because of His goodness and mercy , as He washes over me and covers me. This is something that I live for; HIM, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Have a peaceful night... "I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring, and my blessings on your descendents, " says the Lord. Isaiah 44:3

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Mrs. Linebarger said...

You've had a busy week! I love your posts, Mindy, miss you when you're gone. (we must live very close to one another in CA!! We opened up the house last evening, too, and the breeze was so wonderful and cool. Nice this morning, too.)