July 30, 2006


The is today's devotional taken from "God Calling"~ edited by A.J. Russell

"Give Me the gift of a brave and thankful heart. Man proves his greatness by his power to see causes for thankfulness in his life.
When life seems hard, and troubles crowd, then very definitely look for causes for thankfulness.
The sacrfice, the offering of thanksgiving, is indeed a sweet incense going up to Me through the busy day.
Seek diligently for the something to be glad and thankful about in every happening, and soon no search will be required.
The causes for joy and gratitude will spring to greet you loving hearts."

Its been quite the busy weekend with our Grandson's First birthday, spending time with the extended family, and church this morning. I am tired today so I will spend the day resting and reading. Will meet you hear tomorrow to share the photos of the birthday, and the daily happenings here at Providence Gate. Enjoy your Sunday with your family...Blessings...


Belle-ah said...

One of my greatest gifts has been thankfullness in the challenges!

Donna said...

Looking forward to seeing the pictures.