June 29, 2006

Summer doings~

Some "before' pictures of our Living room. It was the hottest day of the year thus far, and I was moving furniture around. Sometimes I grow tired of the same look, and feel that the room needs a change from the same old style, and furniture placement. Just moving the furniture to a different spot seems to breathe life into the room. The colors are green, khaki, beiges, golds and silvers. I mix alot of textures especially in the winter. The heavy throws, pillows and accessories are packed away in and old trunk until the Autumn season.
For the summer months I use alot of fresh flowers from the yard in various arrangements, silver and glass vases, lighter-colored throw pillows, still keeping in the theme of the room and the season. I move the accesssories around from time to time just to freshen the room a bit during the spring and summer months. This is my favorite room to come and sit to read. The dining room looks out to the backyard patio and my potting bench the my Dear Hubby made me quite a few years ago. The televison is not in this room..... so its quiet and a place I can put up my feet and relax..... tis another peaceful corner in my home.


Mrs. Staggs said...

I'm moving furniture around all the time. It drives Mr. Staggs nuts! You would think he would be used to it after 30 years of marriage...LOL!
I like all that you've done. It looks very nice.

Maggie Ann said...

I like this arrangement also, but you know, you are right, a room without a television is a quiet place.