June 07, 2006

from my kitchen~

Its been a hectic week and its only Wednesday!! Lots of things going on...yesterday I felt as if I couldn't wait for the day to end!! One thing after another and yet at 11:52 pm last night as I layed in bed...and prayed "Lord thank you for this day...in spite of all that has happened...I thank you and praise you for Who you are and Whose I am".
Today is another day...and its a beauty! Woke to birds singing and cooling breezes and overcast skies!! Praise the Lord! It has been so hot and this is a wonderful repreive from that heat...it takes so much out of you...feel like a spent flower at the end of the day in heat like that!
I was able to sleep in today as well...and what a luxury that was!! Made some coffee and used my Hazelnut creamer...sipped it slowly and savored the flavor and moment.
I have been working in my kitchen this week...detail cleaning it..windows, drawers, cabinets...etc...de-cluttering and such...moving items around or just editing them out all together...sprucing things up a bit! Trying to find the energy to start on the laundry room and haven't quite mustered it yet, the chronic fatigue has tried to resurrect itself once again...but I just continue on and refuse to accept this...i cannot just lay down and never do anything again in spite of pain....I get up and move...have to...for I have too much living to do!!
I went to Curves and exercised yesterday and then came home and mowed the backyard lawn and edged as well!! Productive day for me!
The scripture that I have been studying the past few days is from Ephesians 6 regarding the weapons of our warfare...and the whole Armor of God....what struck me with the Armor of God is that we receive this by faith..salvation comes by faith, peace comes by faith, righteouness come by faith, and we are able to take the "shield of Faith to quench the fiery darts of the wicked", by faith also....its something that isn't tangible that we can see..but by faith we receive it and can take hold of it! What a revelation that was for me to see this...and having the head knowledge of it, but now receiving the heart knowledge of this passage of scripture...and another important aspect of this is that We are to stand in faith against the wiles of the enemy!
Much to do this day and better be getting back to the tasks before me...blessings to you!!


Maggie Ann said...

Sorry to hear about your fatigue..I tire quickly so have empathy. I loved how you shared your devotional blessings/truths. That is so true isn't it...faith is where it all starts and is our lifeline to God throughout each circumstance and day.~~Sounds like you are getting alot of cleaning and yard work done...I'm so sorry about your pain. May our heavenly Father ease it for you and give you times of complete rest from it.

Peggy said...

what wonderful scripture! I am trying to declutter but seem to get pulled in too many directions. Have a wonderful week!

Amy said...

I too enjoy reading the book of ephesians my fave being 6:12 which is so true.

Elizabeth and Miss Candi said...

Hi Mindy,
I love your blog. I too struggle with chronic fatique. It is a daily battle. So I understand. I think we have birthdays too at the same time. wow a kindred spirit. I would love to talk to you. Stop by the cottage sometimes. www.turtlelane.blogspot.com. My e mail is turtlelane@sbcglobal.net.
God bless you.
Elizabeth Quigley

Anonymous said...

Mindy, thanks for being such an inspiration in spite of your fatigue and pain. Do you have fibromyalgia?

Donna said...

Some days are tougher than others...sounds like you've got a great attitude no matter what and that is a witness of living by faith. Blessings to you as well.

weirdbunny said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear about the fatigue thing, so frustrating whenyou actually want to clean - which isn't very often fror me. Glad your still praising the the Lord and not letting the enemy alter how you feel bout Jesus. My prayers are with you -Julia xxxx

Mrs. Darling said...

I've bene trying to detail clean my entire house before my daughters upcoming August wedding. What a pain!

Sorry about the pain and fatigue. Blessings!