June 13, 2006

cleaning silver~

I have had quite a few questions regarding my method in cleaning silver. Its fast and easy without the rubbing and buffing!

~Bring top boil a large pot of water, the tea kettle is good but sometimes doesn't hold enough water for this task.

~Take a sheet of foil and lay it in your sink, upon this layer of foil place your treasured silver (single layer works best).

~Sprinkle liberal amounts of baking soda and salt...no need to measure just make sure that the pieces are covered enough with the mixture.

~Pour the hot water on top of the silver and it will start to fizz..you can add a little more if you wish of either the salt or baking soda at this time if needed, let sink for about 15-20 minutes. This is a smelly job as they tarnish comes off, but its well worth it! I had some heavily tarnished items and had to repeat the process 2 times, and it works like a dream. If you have any questions please feel free to email me...
So take those treasures out of you cabinets and get them shined up and use them for everyday, for everyday is a true celebration!

Also, I want to add that this method has been used by my mother for years, but to actually see a tutorial on this you can hop over to Mrs. Catherines, for she has a photo step by step on this process too!!


Donna said...

This is funny...this is the method I use and it was taught to me by my grandmother!

Kelli said...

I cleaned my silver using Mindy's instructions and the results were amazing...so fast! I love how the soda and salt fizzled all the tarnish away!
Thanks again Mindy. :0)

FarmgirlCyn said...

I got my silverware at a second day estate sale a couple years ago, (half off!!) and find it rarely even needs cleaning if used daily. I will keep your instructions for that once every few months cleaning! I love finding more efficient ways to make a dreary job easier!

Deb said...

I can't wait to try this ~ my silver is in desperate need.
Thank you!