May 10, 2006


I woke at 600 this morning...and hit the ground running! Grandson was here at 730, but before that I had my devotional time. As I looked outside to the eastern sky the sun coming over the hills was just spectacular...took my breath away. I realized that it was going to be a very warm day, at one point today in the shade on my patio it was 91 degrees...yikes!!! When Nicholas went down for his nap, I cleaned the outside of the window in the kitchen and need to finish up the rest tomorrow. After my daughter-in-law came to pick up the little one to go to his doctor appointment, I decided to go and get my car washed and then seek out some new exercise pants, I wanted some capri length, which I found for 5.00!! went to Target to get a few staples for the home. Changed when I got home and went to exercise, after I got home I didn't feel as sluggish as I was earlier. Now i'm just relaxing and going to go take a bath and soak in the tub and call it a night. I encouraged a loved one today in that, we must be purposeful to rest...we can't work 7 days a week and expect to function properly, something has to give, Go drested on the 7th day..the must we, went on to say that our time with the Lord is vital to our daily comings and goings, and if we are not spending the quality time with Him everyday, then how can we expect to have energy and accomplish what we must in our journey. He listened and took it all in, never said a word...I just said what the Lord had put on my heart to share and that was it....he just listened! This is encourages me and builds my faith arguing or preachy attitude, just some hardy wisdom from the tonight i'm very thankful for my husband and grateful that God is working in us all!! Blessings on and all...nightie night...xo


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Great advice that I have just recently learned to take. I always thought that I had to do it all myself. I now realize that I have to take care of myself too and if that means resting..that means resting..take care..

Maggie Ann said...

HOw true....purposeful rest, being refreshed in the Lord. I love this truth. Sounds like you got so much done...great =)