May 21, 2006

my 100th post and Sundays' musings~

Its been another busy weekend. My daughter is getting ready to go to New York with the family that employs her as a Nanny. She will be leaving on Thursday and she is so excited. We went to find a new dressy outfit as she will be attending a wedding with the family. We found what she was looking for, then went this morning for a mom and daughter pedicure! I chose a bright cheery pink, and she chose the french pedicure(pink and white). She will start packing on Wednesday and i'm sure I will be helping too!!!
Hubby is now finished installing the surround sound Home theatre system....and the outdoor speakers too. All that is left to do is finish up on the crown molding in the family room.
I've been taking it easy and resting alot the past few days as i'm still under the weather some. I have no voice at all! Lost it yesterday morning and now when I speak its sound like a young man whose voice is changing!!! Drinking alot of hot tea with fresh least my throat has stopped hurting. Just not alot of energy.
Woke this morning and had coffee in my backyard, the sun was shining and it was actually kind of humid out, then about noon the storms clouds started rolling in and we are expecting rain here in Southern California tonight and into tomorrow. I'm ready for a good spring rain...waters the plants and cleans the air!!
Yesterday I did get to 6 yard sales!! Bought 3 vintage tablecloths circa 40's- 50's for 50 cents each! Also another table cloth but it is embroidered with fall colors of rich yellows, greens and merlots...3 stackable boxes with rose print on the outside for 5.00 and some wrought iron trellis for 5.00 for 3 of them and a wrought iron hanging basket for 15.00...some books the Anne of Avonlea series and a Willa Cather book, "My Antonia" for some summer reading at 25 cents each!! I will take some pictures sometime this week so I can share my finds with you.
Next weekend I'm hoping to start on painting my laundry room. Narrowed my selction to 2 colors right now...just excited to get this project underway!


Deb said...

Sounds like you found some great bargains--can't wait to see them! I do wish we were having the warm weather you are, it has been quite cool (40's-50's) here and rainy. Have a great day,

Amy said...

So, what colours have you chosen for your laundry room?

Mindy said...

Hi AMy,
I think i'm using a cottage white, creamy yellow and soft vintage blue! At least thats the plan for now...I will take before and after photos...this laundry room is actually in a corner in the garage, so it will be interesting to see how it turns out!! Hope this finds you well dear and enjoying the autumn weather in New Zealand! xo

Donna said...

Yes...let's see those yard sale finds!

Maggie Ann said...

What a lovely post.... & I loved reading 'My Antonia' by Willa Cather. What a writer!!