May 30, 2006

Morning musings~

Hope everyone had a restful holiday weekend. I was so tired yesterday all I really wanted to do was take a nap, I never did though, but sure felt like I could most of the day. I h ad a lovely weekend, did go antiqing with my hubby and found a beautiful buffet circa 1930 and purchased it for our new entertainment center. Our old entertainment center was just so dated and oversized for our rather cozy little family room. This "new" one is perfect for the space and fits out needs to the letter. My hubby cut out the back to allow for the "stereo equipment" to fit properly and function, and now has decided he wants to purchase a new flat screen TV....the crown molding is mostly hung with exception of a 4 foot piece, then time to paint and it will be done. I wasn't able to get the paint for the laundry room project, just wasn't up to doing that this weekend as I had hoped, too many other things needed attention. I'm also thinking that I might just use the paint that we already have, greens and such...just to keep the costs down, and my original intention was to spend not one penny and use what I already have to achieve the design I had in mind.
Took our youngest to work early this morning, and have already watered the backyard this morning, its supposed to be a warm one today, in fact in the 90's all week. I have the windows opened and the house airing out...I can hear the birds singing in the trees out back...what a happy sound!! With this warm weather this week I'm thinking of cleaning the carpets...they would dry in no time with the heat! Need to pay a few bills and start some laundry. I have my cookbooks out and looking for some quick meal ideas to beat the heat, try not to heat up the kitchen with the oven on. Its the season of grilling and lots of salads...yummy stuff! I'm being very purposeful in eating healthy, and choosing good, whole foods for me and my family. Planning meals is such a great way to save extra $$$. It takes time to do this and I set aside one day a week to do this and make my list up accordingly and then shop once a week depending on the happenings of the house. So much easier than trying to figure what to cook at 3 in the afternoon!
Saturday evening I went to our local Barnes&Noble bookstore and bought 2 new books...Nesting...its a chick thing" and" Mary Janes' for the farm girl in all of us"...I have plenty of summertime reading ahead! Well its time to get back to my daily keeping of the house. May your day be productive and give you a sense of accomplishment! Blessings!!!!

The unthankful heart... discovers no mercies; but let the thankful heart sweep through the day and, as the magnet finds the iron, so it will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings! ~Henry Ward Beecher


melissa said...

Ah Mindy, we're like-minded! I have a small print of the Stephen Darbishire tea scene you're showing and also own those two books you bought. Sounds like time to cozy up in the bed for naptime with your treasures!

Rest up, sweetie!

Donna said...

Congratulations on your find. Let us know how you like the books!

weirdbunny said...

wow, wish we had some sunshine over here.

Peggy said...

sounds like you had a nice weekend and hope you are rested up. Can't wait to see your laundry room.. however you redo it I know it will be beautiful!

Maggie Ann said...

Oh I love to browse around in Barnes & Noble. what a treat. Thats great that you got a beautiful vintage buffet for your tv. Those are hard to find aren't they.

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Mindy. I haven’t forgotten the car-boot sale pictures I promised, I have taken some and will dig them out.

Wow! its hot with you. May has been a blustery wash-out in UK, however, holiday weekend things improved and they say it will be good for the remainder of the week, not in the 90’s tho’, that’s too hot for me.

I loved your ‘Sanctuary’ post on 25 May, I thought I’d left a comment, but I can’t see it there, maybe it got lost in cyber space!
Your farmhouse kitchen in this posting is adorable, I’d just love to pull that chair up and take tea with you. Love Marion

cityfarmer said...

I love the chick nesting book.I bought it this winter while visiting my Mom in Florida.
I read it every day by her pool.
Light hearted reading for a winter vacation.

cityfarmer said...

I love the chick nesting book.I bought it this winter while visiting my Mom in Florida.
I read it every day by her pool.
Light hearted reading for a winter vacation.