May 04, 2006

~Happy Birthday Ryan~

Happy Birthday Ryan!!! I found this vintage poster especially for you in honor of your special day and the interest you have in military memorabilia. I saw the pictures of you and your grandpa getting ready to get on this very plane! Awesome! Have a wonderful birthday, I have watched you grow into a very determined, handsome and gentle young man. May God continue to bless everything that you put your hand to!
Love you lots .....ya ya mmm!!!!


Flossy said...

Lots of birthdays for you at this time of the year Mindy!

I have to say, I LOVE the name you've chosen for your house - it's beautiful :)

Hope you have a truly delightful weekend...


Sharon K said...

A Happy Birthday Ryan, Celebrate and have a special day on your birthday.

Elly said...

Hi! Found you through Mrs. Wilt's comment section! My HUSBAND would love that military plane pic!!! Very nice post.