May 26, 2006


I received a early morning phone call from our dear daughter that she arrived safely in New Jersey. Praise the Lord! She was rather anxious about the flight, but All is well. Today is the last day I will be watching my grandson on a full time basis. My son and daughter in law now have someone who can care for him on a permanent basis, as I was just helping out, which grandmothers often do, he will start next Tuesday after the holiday weekend. So this weekend I will move forward with the plans for the laundry room and at least attempt to paint and purchase the material needed for the many ideas going through my head right now concerning home improvements, where to start? Here a little and there a little! The ideas come and I write them down in my "home" journal and check them off as they are accomplished.
After waking very early this morning and taking dear son to work, I came back home and decided to pick some roses, I was able to make 3 lovely bouquets with them, the smell is wonderful. I purchased some lavender and orange essential oils last week and I filled up both basins of my kitchen sink with hot water and put in a few drops of each oil in to the water and let the aroma permeate the house...It just freshens the air in a way nothing else can. Have some vacuuming and light dusting to do but can't until the baby wakes up fromhis nap. I started a load of laundry earlier and i'm certain they are ready to fluff and fold.
Dear husband is not working tomorrow or Monday and he plans on working on projects around the house. His friend is coming up tomorrow to help him with a few things and we will be grilling i'm certain. In fact that will be the order of the entire weekend!! Grilling! This time of year meal planning is fun....plan to put it on the grill!! The past few days its been in the upper 80's and this morning its been drizzling...nice change!

Memorial Day Menu~

Hamburgers and Hot Dogs

Potato Salad

Fresh fruit


Sugar Free Banana Pudding

I plan on relaxing and enjoying my family, and do a little gardening. Sunday after church Hubby and I plan to go antiquing to some of our favorite local shops...the hunt is on! Never know what we are going to find, but thats the fun part about it, and he does have a very good eye too! Well i'm off to get the laundry folded and have put it off, now its time to move!! Have a wonderful day in all that you do, and do it all as unto the Lord..blessings..


Amy said...

what a lovely looking corner of your home...

Kim said...

Just found your blog. I really love the pictures of your cozy home!

melissa said...

Enjoy your weekend with your husband. All of it sounds just wonderfully fun. Soak it in!

Peggy said...

I do so enjoy my visits here with you!

Maggie Ann said...

I hope you have a wonderful week-end! Your menu sounds just right, think I'll make similar things. Oh I'm envious of all those heavenly roses you very special!

weirdbunny said...

What a brilliant idea about putting the oil in the basins. I'll have to get some and try. My roses aren't out yet, but we went to grandad's today and his were.