February 16, 2006

I was up at 4:30 am today...I know its early, but felt compelled to start waking earlier a few weeks ago. This is the time of day where I can really think, ponder and dream. The house is so still and serene. I sit and read my bible and pray at times, other times I journal. I always come away starting my day on a positive note, or attempting to! At times, when I sit and my mind drifts to the memories of the past..then its fast forward to the future, at times I almost can see myself in my own shop..puttering and fussing over the displays, then wondering why is it always the same thing I see....is it wishful thinking?? day-dreaming?? or perhaps a small burst of seeing what may be to come....holding on to hope, that what has been revealed will indeed come to pass!

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Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Beautiful post Mindy. I do so empathise with your thoughts. Marion