February 05, 2006

I posted on Friday night...but something happened to that post. Not sure where it went but its gone!! I have tried figuring this out, but Blogger seemed to be having some issues Friday night...Sorry to those that were trying to comment and couldn't due to that.
Well its Super Bowl Sunday and we are getting are taxes done today!! Yippee!! Hubby and I had our breakfast out on the patio this morning and just listened to some beautiful music while enjoying our food and each others' company. A relaxing day other than getting the taxes done. Then will come home and relax and enjoy the day with family. I plan on getting into the Word of God this afternoon with a bible study, i'm currently reading the Book of Exodus and the revelation the Lord is giving me is amazing. Will share more later hopefully. Have a beautiful Sunday..Blessings to you!


Maggie Ann said...

Hello Mindy...isn't it frustrating when blogger eats a 'post'. It is usually a good one too,right? Sounds like you had a lovely Sunday. I'm in the book of Exodus too in my reading. Happy Monday evening to you!

Abigail said...

Hello Mindy,
Sounds lovely eating out on the patio, and here it is freezing;)
I am reading in the book of Hebrews.
You are doing such a wonderful job here with your sharing some from your life in your corner of the world.