January 30, 2006

What a productive day I had today!! Love it when that happens.
I watched my grandson today and I was playing with him at one point and he just started to giggle, I mean...a real good chuckle!! It was adorable! I started to laugh too and before to long my son came downstairs to find out what was going on, he started laughing too...it was such an amazing thing to watch this little 6 month old boy just laugh and laugh in utter abandon! Priceless!!!
I have so many thoughts in my mind that sometimes i'm not sure where to even begin. So many ideas for decorating and making my home a haven of comfort. Just when I think that " I like it this way", then I get another idea and i'm changing things again. The one constant all of us can rely on is change. I want to paint my bedroom in the worst way, and I won't even mention what I want to do with the kitchen! :)
Thank you to the ladies who have posted, your words and sentiments are so encouraging to me, and even though we may live many miles apart, we aren't in this big ole world alone!!! Thank goodness!
Its been a difficult month but the Lord has strengthened me beyond what I could even imagine. My faith has increased due to the trials and tribulations of life itself, and I'm so very thankful that through the fire the lesson has been learned.
I will leave you with this scripture:
"The Glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the Lord of hosts:and in this place will I give peace, saith the Lord of hosts".
Haggai 2:9


Maggie Ann said...

"In this place will I give peace"...oh how true and how I drink in the truth of these precious words. They have a healing balm in them and we who belong to Jesus experience his grace daily but especially in times of trial. Thanks for sharing this...its a comfort and blessing to hear a testimony...always.~~~And..yes, its our mission in life to 'feather the nest' isn't it? I love to do that too. Just making simple changes gives a whole diffent feel to a room that makes it inviting in a fresh way. Hope you have a wonderful week..

Peggy said...

I so enjoyed reading all your posts! Felt like I was walking around with you while you showed me the roses, your grandson and items you picked up at yardsales. We are so much alike in many things. Love the scriptures! Will come visit you often.

Lady Laurie said...

Hi Mindy,
You have a lovely blog,and I have enjoyed reading your posts.

Abigail said...

Mindy, what a lovely peaceful place you have made here. I have so enjoyed reading what you have written.
Thank you for sharing 'YOU' with others. You are a lovely woman of God.
Zephaniah 3:17
'He rejoices over you with joy'