December 29, 2005

It seems as if the word of the day is "PEACE". Seems to be everywhere today. I have heard it preached this morning on a Christian Channel, articles have been emailed to me and in my devotional time pondered it as well.
Peace is something the world has very little if any, of...its something we must guard and protect. Without peace we fall victim to the enemies' devices and the battle procedes in our minds. Its so subtle too, when this happens, somtimes I haven't noticed, then SUDDENLY...I feel anxious, and fearful...where is the peace? How did I get here..what happened? I look to the problem or issue and took my eyes off of God. Oh how we need peace in the times we live in now. We must seek peace everyday! So today seek peace and pursue it..for Our God is a God of peace. Blessings to you this day!

Psalm 34:14~ "Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it".

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becky said...

hello MINDY love this peaceful corner.Excuse my typing skills!This is all new to me.iI have something in common with you,I to am a child of The KING,Elohime,my provider my deliverer,my beloved-JESUS CHRIST-the annointed one. and another commonality is i am your sister Becky love ya GOD BLESS YOU .